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    Support for Mixed Abilities

The big value of the Backroads trips to me is the support while riding with my wife. I am a stronger cyclist than her, which makes it difficult for both of us to go on a cycling vacation. The fact that we can both cycle as much as we like really makes a big difference compared to other travel companies.

Tom Yager - Encinitas, CA

I must say this was one of my life changing experiences. The itinerary was great, and I felt as though I was able to do as much or as little as I wanted. The routes offered both challenging and exciting rides, and the support was outstanding!

Elaine Diamond - Atlanta, GA

We fall into quite different categories of bikers: our son is hardcore, my husband and daughter strong, and I am a slowpoke. But everyone felt that the trip was tailored for them.

Molly Bailey - Seattle, WA

Fantastic experience! Beautiful, challenging, satisfying. The trip was well structured to allow the participants of various fitness and experience levels to be successful and proud of their efforts.

David Stevenson - Portland, OR

I loved the cycling routes and numerous daily options. My trip partner and I had different cycling agendas—I wanted to ride a lot, he wanted to ride less—the way our days were organized, we could both do our thing, yet feel that we had really shared the experience as well.

Susan Michaelis - Baltimore, MD

I was very impressed by the leaders' abilities to cater to the multiple needs of individuals. Multiple options were available to accommodate the varied comfort levels of the guests including the children.

Naomi Falk - Albany, NY

There is no way I could have planned something like this myself. I appreciated the van support and caution given to our well-being at all times. I loved all the surprises our leaders had for us... It made every moment special. Thanks to all who made this trip unforgettable!!!

Frances Abbate - Fox River Grove, IL

While some of the factors contributing to making this such a wonderful experience were related to personal goals and accomplishments, the support of the Backroads team (the routes, van support, logistics, etc.), the leaders, and my fellow travelers were instrumental to my overall highly positive experience.

Dawn Mathern - Bellevue, WA

There is always a mix of athletic abilities and personalities on trips such as these, and this one was no different. I was very impressed by how the leaders provided an environment that let each person do what they wanted, so that everyone was able to enjoy the trip at their own pace and desire.

Steve Bachmann - San Francisco, CA

Top notch everything! I was concerned I hadn't trained enough for this trip, but my leaders and van support encouraged all of us to go at our own pace. I never felt rushed. Their high energy and motivation made it easier to get up those hills and really enjoy the bike ride.

Beth Blinstrub - Falls Church, VA

Every aspect of the trip was well planned and very well executed. Among the 12 participants, there was a variety of riding abilities and riding plans. Our leaders were exceptional in their efforts to accommodate everyone's needs and plans in order to make everyone's experience personally satisfying and to make the group dynamics positive at all times.

Warren Self - Christiansburg, VA

Backroads has really figured out what its clientele wants—there are so many different trips to choose from, each with several route options to accommodate couples and friends with varying cycling and fitness levels.

Ann Frick - Denver, CO

This trip was such a delight. The trip was more than I expected, and we were all given great attention. Everyone worked at their own level and the pressure was not there to keep up with the faster group. I would recommend this trip to anyone because of all we experienced.

Bobbi Tonsfeldt - Independence, MO

I liked the flexibility of the scheduling, primarily because I am a slow biker and did not want to feel pressured that the rest of the group would have to wait for me. The way you set it up, I did not feel pressured. On the final day, I decided to ride part of the way in the van and was glad I had this option. Other days, I rode on my own but still felt that someone was looking out for me. Thanks for a very enjoyable trip!

Cherie Maharam - Pittsburgh, PA

I was really nervous about my ability to actually be able to handle the physical activity associated with the Backroads trip but the experience of the guides (e.g. knowing when a break was needed) and adjustments on the fly made it one of the most enjoyable vacations I ever took.

Ruth Schleifer - Oakland, CA

I chose this trip because I wanted challenging biking in addition to beautiful scenery. I got it! It was the hardest and farthest biking I have ever done. I feel that I really accomplished something. The first part of the trip—through the Chianti region—was spectacular. I honestly feel sorry for anyone that doesn't get to experience the region on a bike. Every view was a postcard.

Peter Heller - San Mateo, CA

Our leaders were all fantastic. I felt they all handled our multi-leveled group with grace and positive energy.

Susan Kues - New Braunfels, TX

This trip far exceeded my expectations. We had a blast. Even though I am a novice biker, I never felt like a novice. Our leaders were encouraging, and made sure that I was comfortable in whatever I chose to do.

Martha Custer - Lansdale, PA

The trip was well organized and I loved the flexibility to do all or part of the activities based on how you felt each day.

Ellen Trotochaud - Glenview, IL

Wow. There were times when I wished I had more downtime to relax, but then I remembered that, of course, I had all the time I wanted. I had merely to say the word and I could be whisked off my bike and be back at the hotel pool. The fact is, the scenery was so spectacular and the riding so much fun that I never WANTED to get whisked off my bike. It was a trip of a lifetime.

Jim Gerlacki - Bethlehem, PA

Thank you for getting my husband on a bicycle again! It was a fabulous way to see wine country together. Our outstanding guides kept our group together (even though our needs were quite diverse).

Jenny Moutsatsos - Sudbury, ON

The guides and the other guests encouraged and inspired me to push myself to new levels of strength and endurance. After a hard day of riding it was SO nice to arrive at a beautiful hotel with my bags waiting for me in my room.

Kim Dumas - Sarasota, FL

Our group consisted of folks from Ironman to couch potato abilities and we were all satisfied!

Linda Goodwin - Frisco, CO

Once again, your company and superb staff have made our active travel everything we have dreamed of. The trip itinerary and set-up was perfect. The biking, van support and scenery beyond compare. The people we met are already planning our next Backroads trip together. We can't wait for our next vacation!

Lorraine Shoaf-Kadish - Salt Lake City, UT

This was my first bike trip and I will admit that I was nervous about it... I need not have worried, your leaders never once made me feel that I was an encumbrance. With their expert advice and warm support, I felt as good about reaching my own goals as those who were able to finish every mile did.

Carolyn McGoldrick - Portland, ME

I absolutely loved this trip, from the itinerary and biking activities to the accommodations and food to the people, including the trip leaders. There was a great deal of flexibility to allow for people with different abilities and interests. Everything ran smoothly, one never had to second guess anything, and the leaders infused it all with energy and fun.

Nancy Ognanovich - Washington D.C.

This trip far exceeded my expectations. Up front, I knew I was going to be able to relax and not worry about details, but it's an entirely different thing to experience this level of care. I immediately fell into the routine, experiencing things moment by moment, and loved that all I had to worry about was deciding whether I was going to take the long or short option hike that day. I feel rejuvenated and can't wait to go on my next trip.

Michelle LaRoche - Campbell, CA

This was my first Backroads trip, and I was so impressed with the organization. Biking and hiking was an excellent way to see the people and be able to linger when we wanted. We were able to go at our own pace—perfect for those of us who wanted to 'take it all in'—stopping to chat with the locals, take pictures and just take in the beautiful views of nature and man. It was no ordinary trip. This was a spiritual and emotional experience.

Kathleen Volkmann - San Francisco, CA

Your service, guarantee, and marketing are awesome. The pre-trip analysis of which trip would work for (a) our eight-year-old and (b) my 80+ km/day husband was spot on. You found the perfect trip within my (extensive) limitations.

Jennifer Bestor - Menlo Park, CA

The level of support, lodging and accommodation of all interests and abilities makes Backroads an easy choice.

Tricia Keith - Royal Oak, MI

We have really enjoyed all the Backroads bicycle trips we have taken over the years. I do not bicycle regularly at home but my husband does. Backroads uniformly accommodates both of our needs during the trips.

Lynn Wolfstone - Portland, OR

Having 3 guides was a great advantage. Someone was always around plus the guides were superb in every respect.

Steve Skony - Park City, UT

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