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    Insider Knowledge

Well thought out, the cultural & political insights were astounding. 'I know a guy' is axiomatic, but to know person after person who will invite strangers into their homes and their lives truly sets this above and beyond the expected.

Lawrence Gwin - Bay City, TX

Congratulations on finding such good local people to intensify the walking and cultural experiences.

Iain Mattaj - Germany

This trip is a cultural smorgasbord, full of different interesting ecologic environments, people, and activities. It was a wonderful introduction to Costa Rica.

Patrick Osgood - Reno, NV

Call me a skeptic, but I was really resistant to booking Backroads. I'm used to planning our own trips and finding all kinds of hidden gems myself. I was so pleased with Backroads who did all the homework. This was the most relaxing vacation I have ever taken—because I trusted the leaders and realized we weren't getting the typical 'touristy' look at countries.

Justina Headley - Medina, WA

We love Backroads and recommend it highly to all of our friends. Truly it has enhanced our understanding of cultures, our love of nature, and opened the world to us... Backroads remains our favorite—although we have taken 2 trips with other companies. I think you do a better job on helping the participants learn about the culture and your guides are incredible.

Candice Nadler - Excelsior, MN

This trip was completely fabulous from beginning to end! I felt completely submerged in the culture the second I stepped off the plane.

Katie Briscoe - San Francisco, CA

Backroads knowledge of the region including local experienced leaders/guides, the best restaurants, excellent hotels and accommodation provided the added value that would not be possible if planning a trip by yourself.

Alexander Naim - Abu Dhabi

I must say this was one of the best trips we've ever taken. Although I've loved touring the major European cities, getting out into the country and experiencing what life is really like for those who live there, was refreshing and fascinating. The stresses and worries of everyday life melted away with each mile biked, bringing us home feeling relaxed and like we had truly taken a vacation!

Ellen Goldman - Livingston, NJ

You guys pack more into five or six days without ever making guests feel rushed—including cultural contacts with the locals that would be impossible to arrange on one's own. Thanks again from all of us!

Victor Lerch - Raleigh, NC

The trip really did exceed our expectations on every level, especially the level of expertise and professionalism of the guides. We especially loved being introduced to local people like the berry farmer and going to the cooking lesson and making pasta and eating at their restaurants because both afforded us such an intimate inside glimpse of the country that we would never have gotten on our own.

Paula Gorlitz

It is clear that Backroads has done an exceptional job of cultivating local relationships so that they can offer unique and meaningful experiences to their guests.

Dhuane Stephens - New York, NY

Our local guide was a fabulous addition to the trip, and I truly enjoyed his talks on the Incan culture and history. The visit to Huilloc will forever be etched in my mind—the people, the culture, the community and the weavings. Everything we could have possibly wanted all brought together for us to experience.

Kimberly Wright - Wilmington, DE

This is one of the most authentic trips I have ever taken for observing anther culture that I 'thought' I knew something about... This just makes me want to see more of Eastern Europe before it changes.

Annie Farrar - Douglas, GA

The blend of challenging physical activity, natural beauty, varied cultural experiences and learning from an outstanding local guide made for a perfect trip.

Lawrence Arem - Merion Station, PA

We experienced Morocco in a way that I am sure few people do. I am still amazed by the fact that we climbed a mountain and at the top had tea with a local family in their home. I could write for pages on the things that have left an impression on me—from seeing the local women carrying home loads of firewood or water on their backs to sipping mint tea and bargaining in carpet stores. This was not my first Backroads trip and it certainly won't be my last.

Nancy Delp - Falls Church, VA

Another fabulous Backroads experience. Thank you for creating these special opportunities to see new parts of the world, get to know the locals and soak up some culture—all while cycling to my heart's content!

Susan Faxon - Harrison, NY

Oh what a wonderful crew we had—from Rosy the naturalist on Skye, to our storyteller, archeologist, whisky savant, castle curator, bagpiper, Irish folk duo—the leaders provided us with absolutely wonderful experiences with truly interesting and informative local folk.

Robert Friend - San Francisco, CA

This was the best trip, hands down, we have ever taken. It was exotic, exciting, busy, informative, fun and very meaningful to us, given our daughter's history (being born in Vietnam). Our guides helped us to reunite our daughter with the wonderful woman who had helped take care of her when we adopted her in 2001. They seemed truly touched by the experience and seem to be very sincere, caring people. We saw parts of the country and had insights into the lives of local people that we would never had have on our own. It is a trip we will never forget and we are deeply grateful for our guides' expertise and caring.

Kathy Swanwick - Walden, NY

Our naturalist guide was a value add. Knowledgeable and personable... Very informative and added that historical perspective.

Brooks Gallagher - Greenville, SC

Having the chance to speak with local people who shared their experiences about life under communist rule made the trip more interesting. I felt more connected to the places we visited and a bit less like a 'tourist.'

Mary Jacobs - Plano, TX

The local guide was nothing short of fantastic! Informative, interesting, thoughtful. Couldn't have asked for more.

Colin Rehkugler - Charlotte, VT

Fabulous trip. This was more than a vacation; our Bhutan trip was an adventure, a cultural experience and a window on another world. It was made even more special by the other like-minded travelers, our superb Backroads leaders and our marvelous Bhutanese guide. Thank you so much!

Mark Madras - Toronto, ON

My perceptions about China and its people were turned inside out. The leaders are so prepared, that it gives us the freedom to emerge ourselves in the experience and not worry about all the details. I can't say enough good things.

Susan Bednarick - Mooresville, NC

Very informative and we felt like we were getting a peek at Siena life that most tourists do not get to see.

David McElwaine - Canton, MA

This truly was a remarkable, memorable trip. I feel that biking allowed us to truly experience Italy in an intimate way. We met people on the roadside picking mushrooms... We could see Tuscany, feel Tuscany, and smell Tuscany!

Marianne Kaluza - Sammamish, WA

The trip exceeded my expectations!!! Anyone can buy an airline ticket and book a hotel but Backroads offers a once in a lifetime experience allowing you to immerse yourself in the local culture, enjoy the cuisine and not worry about any logistics and details knowing that everything will be taken care of.

Cynthia Lenkiewicz - New York, NY

All of the guides were very personable, helpful, and we enjoyed their company very, very much! They took the time to teach us about the area and provided great advice on the trails.

Michele Santos - Delray Beach, FA

Backroads has the perfect formula for active vacations that include local history and culture, as well. Altogether, it makes each trip a learning experience as well as a vacation that keeps you moving and feeling good!

Lindsay Duggan - Weston, CT

On our own with such a short amount of time, we never would have met and learned from the locals who made this trip so unique. With our first-rate guides and the itinerary, we felt like visitors not tourists.

Kate Morris - Wilmington, DE

I cannot say enough positive things about our outstanding leaders and their incredible knowledge of the area we were in and their efforts to help make this trip a trip of a lifetime.

Stacey Starr - Suffern, NY

It's the little things—like meeting with a village leader in his home to discuss life in the village, meeting a knowledgeable historian and having dinner in his home, getting inside the private home of a woman to see what a local home is like—that set these trips apart from the usual bus ride and photo op. I also know the other guests will be interesting and good travel companions. And I will have another experience of a lifetime.

Barbara Grewe - Bethesda, MD

This trip far exceeded our expectations and Northern Argentina was more beautiful than we expected. I also thought our leaders did a fantastic job of not only supporting the bike aspect of the trip but exposing us to the culture. We loved all of it. The native singer and her daughter were particularly insightful and the dancers and musicians were just plain fun. Our leaders did a fantastic job of making the group comfortable as well as interested in what Northern Argentina had to offer.

Liz Lynner - Denver, CO

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