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    How We Stack Up

As a veteran of numerous cycling trips with other companies, I am convinced that the Backroads experience is better in every detail. My loyalty now lies with Backroads.

Jim Tappan - San Mateo, CA

Best travel company ever—I can't see myself dealing with anyone else anymore.

Mary Carzoli - Acworth, GA

Simply OUTSTANDING from start to finish. I have traveled with other tour companies BUT NEVER WILL AGAIN!... Can't wait to book my next trip! THANK YOU!!!

Nancy Berger - Burlington, VT

Once again, you folks proved that you are 'the best in the business' in active travel!

Gary Krosin - Stuart, FL

Backroads always spoils us rotten. You have set the standard so high that other companies can't compare to your quality. I am hooked on Backroads!

Patsy Gleason - Green Valley, AZ

We have tried other active travel companies. After comparing our experience with Backroads vs. the others, we are confirmed Backroads fans! Your itineraries, trip leaders, and accommodations are all first rate.

Richard Larson - Eden Prairie, MN

It is obvious we LOVE Backroads by the number of trips we've already taken! I can't get enough. And, there's certainly no reason to check out any other travel/active company.

Kathy Williams - Grand Rapids, MI

We have been on 7 bike trips with another company previously yet this trip spoiled us in every way. It was so wonderful and we sure are Backroads converts.

Elizabeth Owen - Louisville, KY

You've done it again, Backroads. My husband and I agree that Backroads provides the best service of any business/company that we have ever dealt with.

Carol Feder - Potomac, MD

This trip again reinforced why my entire family feels that there is NO comparable company to Backroads when it comes to cycling/hiking trips.

Jack Berman - Los Angeles, CA

We have taken 9 trips with another company in the last 6-7 years. They were all enjoyable. But, we found our Backroads trip to be far, far superior.

Russell Yale - Fox Point, WI

You blow the competition away!

Gary Singer - St. Louis, MO

Backroads just knows how to run a trip. Your formula works so well that I don't want to travel with any other tour company.

Donna Fishman - Crested Butte, CO

Over the last 30+ years, I've taken 96 biking trips all over the world. Anyone can print a brochure or put up a website promising a great active travel experience. Only Backroads delivers exceptional performance—not just promises—every time.

Richard Seltzer - Wynnewood, PA

I have been on several walking trips before, but this was my first Backroads experience. I would rate your company on top of my list. It was truly a wonderful vacation.

Nancy Dowd

I took this exact trip with another company and there is no comparison. Your guides are so well trained and I left wanting to spend more time with them and can't imagine a vacation without them.

Debra Stevens - Dallas, TX

I loved the variety of activity on this trip. Backroads is the best travel company. I have a hard time traveling with any other company because of the quality of your trips.

Peggy Schroder - Green Valley, AZ

Once again Backroads exceeded my expectations. I don't think we'll ever take another trip that's NOT Backroads.

Deborah Crisfield - Summit, NJ

We have taken 7 trips with Backroads and 8 with another company. We will never go with any other company again, your office and staff is so much better.

Jeffrey Kirshbaum - Larkspur, CA

We've taken many active trips with various companies, starting with Backroads many years ago, then tried others. We're now 'back home' with Backroads and will be loyal riders and walkers with your company for years to come.

Jane McBunch - Annandale, NJ

This was our 10th bike trip, 1st with Backroads, and we will be looking to Backroads from now on! The leaders for the trip were excellent, very attentive, competent and accommodating. Having leaders of this quality makes all the difference. We had a great time.

Hal Stanton - Encino, CA

I had a terrific time. This is my second Backroads trip. I have also traveled with another company. I am now a committed Backroader.

Marc Suvall - New Rochelle, NY

This trip exceeded our every expectation. Our first ever cycling trip was with another company and we will never go back!!

Margie Allen - Jacksonville, FL

We have used other companies and I think Backroads is the best.

Ellen Luger - New York, NY

Our last trip was with a competitor and we noticed the difference right from the start. We felt the [Backroads] leaders were professional, knowledgeable and supportive of all of the guests and made appropriate accommodations for all levels on the trip... We also felt the quality of the leaders was noticeably different with Backroads...

Laura Johnson - Inverness, IL

Your Trip Consultant maintained my view of Backroads as one of the best-managed, inspiring, and service-friendly companies that I interact with (and I am not limiting that to only travel companies). Congratulations, Tom, in building such a stellar company.

Chris Lewis - Sudbury, MA

The attention to detail was terrific... We had been on a privately arranged Tuscany trip... with another company just prior to the Dalmatian Coast trip with Backroads... I thought the Backroads leaders, with 2 years experience each, out-performed the other company's perceived best.

David Edwards - Fort Collins, CO

We had a wonderful wonderful trip. Our children have stated no more other companies, they want Backroads from this point forward.

Lynn Ristig - Seattle, WA

Whoever selects and trains the staff is brilliant. I've been on several trips organized by very high end travel companies and invariably something was amiss... Backroads far exceeded what I had anticipated for this trip.

Mary Rotham - Los Angeles, CA

We have been traveling with small individual touring companies. The service is nowhere near as wonderful... We are sold on Backroads. After years of trying to save money on private tours organized by individuals, we now realize Backroads has figured out how it should be done.

Amy Wallen - San Diego, CA

I have traveled with other outfitters in the past. Backroads goes the extra mile. You are outstanding.

Susan Peick - Berkeley, CA

I am elated. Backroads has proved over and over again that it deserves the #1 place in the industry. This extraordinary adventure has left me feeling exhilarated and serene all at the same time.

Denise Chenier - San Francisco, CA

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