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    Great Guests

I was most pleasantly surprised and pleased by my fellow guests—they were smart, interesting, outgoing and fun and easy to talk with. I felt comfortable immediately and really enjoyed getting to know them.

Bill Maris - Burlington, VT

Backroads is a great way, not only to see the world, but also an exceptional venue in which to meet like-minded travelers!

Wendi Eizenga - Belle River, ON

Backroads surpassed my vacation expectations by bringing together some truly remarkable people in a wonderful setting to enjoy the beauty of biking, culture and fellowship... We are already planning a trip reunion.

Judy Riendeau - Prospect, KY

Now that I am home, I already miss the friends I made on the trip—both leaders and group members alike—and eagerly await next year's catalog to see where else I might like to go.

Marc Sheinkin - Arlington, VA

Backroads not only delivers a wonderful fun filled adventure but also lifelong friendships are formed with guests and leaders alike.

Jan Haviland - Providence Forge, VA

It was the trip of a lifetime that we cannot stop thinking and talking about. The people we met on the train platform in Florence started out as strangers and ended up as friends that we are planning on seeing again!

William Bachhuber - New Hartford, CT

I think the types of people you attract are just my type of people; we all got along so well... I could go on forever, and I have been telling everyone I know about how fantastic this trip was. I can't wait for the next one!

Barbara Raleigh - New York, NY

I am a very seasoned traveler... But Backroads has done such a spectacular job that you have changed my way of thinking when it comes to travel.

Beth Robbins - Steamboat Springs, CO

I had an outstanding time. From the moment the guests met each other, we were all friends. The whole group just seemed to mesh, which made the trip that much more incredible.

Jane Hudson - Lexington, KY

This trip was perfect! I have never done a Backroads trip before but this far exceeded my thoughts about traveling with a group and travel company... Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Carrie Nitka - Rumson, NJ

Far exceeded our expectations... I had some reservations about being together with an unknown group of people for a vacation, but that turned out to be one of the nicest things about the trip.

Maria Iacobucci - San Anselmo, CA

This was a great trip with a cohesive group of people—which made it even better. I have recommended Backroads many times to friends! You provide great travel experiences and I don't have to worry about anything!

Kristi Petersen - Denver, CO

Aside from the wonderful leaders, great accommodations, and beautifully interesting country, another thing that made the trip so special was the chemistry of the group... It was so enjoyable to be traveling with such a friendly and interesting mix of people. It was also amazing how well the kids in the group gelled.

Michael Steinberg - West Hartford, CT

The people in our group were so delightful that we became fast friends and began planning future trips together.

Karen Taylor - Denver, CO

We really enjoyed the group of people we were travelling with... We were all different, yet had the important commonality of wanting a fun, active and adventuresome vacation, and that was a great bond.

Donna Hecker - Columbus, OH

This was my first group travel experience, having always travelled independently in the past. I didn't quite know what to expect and whether I would like it or not... I loved every minute!!... I particularly liked traveling with my fellow Backroads travelers and getting to know them. Without exception, they were an interesting and extremely well-travelled group, and I loved our interaction.

Richard Tigner - Atlanta, GA

Backroads surpassed my every expectation. Traveling with other guests made the trip even more special because of the delightful dinner and hiking conversations we were able to have.

Diane Hunter - San Diego, CA

This was the most incredible vacation I have ever taken and I have been promoting Backroads since returning home. Each day brought wonderful and unique experiences. Never having taken a trip like this, I did not know what to expect and now cannot believe I waited this long to try a group trip like this one.

Gail S. - Cherry Hill, NJ

My husband and I both feel the Backroads experience totally exceeded our expectations. We were a bit hesitant to commit to a week with people we had not previously met, but with our leaders and the others on the trip, who all ended up being a great group of people, we could not have enjoyed ourselves more.

Charlene Deverin - New York, NY

The location was 'off the charts,' the friendliness and directions of leaders were 'off the chart' and the friendship of our fellow travelers just added to the overall quality of the trip. I cannot wait until my next trip!

Craig Pett - Suwanee, GA

The fellow travelers were really interesting and friendly—helped make this the best Backroads trip ever!

Steve Sommer

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