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    Family Guests - Teens & Younger Siblings

This trip was absolutely amazing. It fulfilled the wishes of each member of our family. It was the BEST way to see a country where we had never been. The biking, ambiance, hotels, guides and other families were just perfect for us.

Susan Townsend - Lutherville Timonium, MD

Honestly, the best family week we have spent together.

Ellen Fine - Villanova, PA

Hands down the best family trip week we had with our kids. Hiking and camping were a big part of our lives before children. We got to experience all of the joy with none of the hassle. Amazing guides, incredible sights and experiences, delicious food, wonderful people. Our kids were in heaven and so were we!

Laura Gross - Brooklyn, NY

Backroads creates family memories in a way that almost no other trips can and that no 'thing' can. When we look back at the times we spent together, we will always remember the fun times and people we met on the Backroads trips.

John Jordak

This is definitely the way to go when you want a quality family trip. You will be with your family, you will be active which is so good for you, you will meet people who are so interesting and have similar goals, the kids will have so much fun each day and you will be in the most amazing places.

Margaret Galle - West Simsbury, CT

Both of our kids asked to do another Backroads trip within a day of the trip ending—I don't think there is a better endorsement. It was exactly what we wanted in terms of keeping the kids active while having fun.

Chris Bock - Denver, CO

We thoroughly enjoyed our Backroads trip. It pulled our family together, got us all outside, and we felt happier and healthier by the end of the week.

Cindy Deangelis - Andover, MA

This was our family's first Backroads trip, and it exceeded our expectations in pretty much every way. The kids made friends instantly... Well-fed and exhilarated at the end of our biking days, we would fall into comfortable beds at the wonderful hotels chosen by Backroads. It was a great mix of time with our kids plus time for both parents and kids to be with peers.

Eloise Patterson - Lincoln, MA

It was a wonderful trip for the whole family and, although it was a group trip, you were able to meet and cater to each of our individual needs and wants. My husband got to bike all day, the kids got to bike as much as they wanted, made new friends and tried many fun activities.

Pauline Tan - Singapore

For our family, Backroads represents a wonderful safety net, letting us try new things and go new places with absolute confidence. We watched our kids make chocolates at a small village chocolatier, sampled a 1995 vintage wine from a local vintner, stayed at wonderful inns, and rode past scenes of incredible beauty... It was a wonderful experience.

Miner Raymond

I love that Backroads has provided us with a family option that allows us to actually 'do' things together (while making the decisions for us!) that challenge us all physically and mentally and take us outside of our comfort zones to really experience a beautiful part of our country/world.

Nina Portugal - Chicago, IL

Our families were pulled even closer by our week of adventures in Alaska—this trip will be talked about for years (and the stories will get better and better!).

Sally Taylor - Hartford, CT

We were a family group of 11—grandparents, kids and grandkids. It was such a fabulous trip for all of us, just the right balance of nature, activities, food and free time. This trip had something for every generation!!

Karen Dern - Boca Raton, FL

While everything was ideal, the icing on the cake was the wonderful group. I very much enjoyed the other adults; and my daughter—while the youngest by 2 years—was in heaven with the other kids.

Nancy Tuck - Burlingame, CA

My husband and I were in awe as to the enthusiasm of ALL the family—adults as well as children and how much fun they had—and the ease with how everyone got along together.

Joan Strait - Lakewood, WA

Backroads has freed me up from the time-consuming research, planning and decision making I do to ensure an exciting adventure for our family vacations. The leaders are phenomenal and traveling with other like-minded families has put a new twist on our usually independent travels. This was our first trip with Backroads and it will not be our last. I am looking forward to many more.

Mariann Petersen - Anchorage, AK

The level and variety of activity was great and you accommodated our family's diverseness.

Jill Greenberg - Malibu, CA

We had a fantastic family vacation thanks to your careful planning and attention to detail! It was sad to say goodbye to all our new friends and much harder to get the entire family to agree on what activities to pursue or sights to see once we left the group.

Wendy Renz - Guilford, CT

Everything was perfect. The leaders were great, the rides and activities were well planned, and the food and fellow guests made it so memorable... The family trips are perfect for our family. The only sad part is seeing my daughter so sad to leave the new friends she has made at the end of the trip.

David Cohen - Glen Ridge, NJ

What a wonderful trip! We worried in advance of the ability of Backroads to accommodate our multi-generational needs (9-year-old to 80+ grandmother), but you delivered a great trip for all of us.

Carol Welsh - Portsmouth, NH

The best part of it was the sense that we accomplished something, by being physically involved in the experience rather than just through observation. The trip was challenging, but not overwhelming, and our kids did things they have never done before. The beauty of the surroundings was indescribable. The bonding we did with the other families and the leaders made it even more special.

Mike Newbold - Keene, NH

Each member was challenged in an individual way each day and we were supported every step of the way. We had a fun time meeting new families and watching our children play with each other. We became closer as a family and that made me feel that was the best result of the trip.

Margaret Moody - The Woodlands, TX

We had an absolutely wonderful time—the fabulous trip leaders made the trip extraordinary. Our children will remember this trip for the rest of their lives.

Claire Hertan - Westport, CT

This was the best trip ever... A perfect blend of activity, downtime, family, new friends. We are new fans!

Janet Myers - Menlo Park, CA

Backroads is the way to travel—it was great having all the logistics taken care of. We could just relax and enjoy the trip. The sights were incredible and the activities fun. My children, ages 6-17, all had a wonderful vacation. I cannot say enough nice things about our leaders—they were awesome.

Pat English - Wauwatosa, WI

We are eager to experience the Backroads magic with our family again as soon as possible.

Anne Juster - Cleveland, OH

This was the best family trip we have ever taken, hands down. I never expected a group trip could be so enjoyable. We bonded with our leaders and the other families immediately—so much so that I expect we will keep in touch with them for a long time. This trip was different from others we have taken—it was an adventure, a challenge, and a growth opportunity for us. Normally, I wouldn't expect my kids (age 10 and 12) to think favorably of a 'growth opportunity', but they loved this trip and are still talking about it.

Susan Mandava

Our boys say this was the best trip they have ever taken and they loved everything about it—learning about a new country, the biking, the food, having fun with other families, and most of all—the great leaders! Our leaders made it easy for all the kids on the trip to become fast friends and for the parents to find time to relax. We'll definitely be doing another family Backroads trip again soon!

Judy Osgood

Each trip we take with Backroads is even better than the last! My kids never want to go home after Backroads trips because of the fun, friendships, and food.

Elaine Wendt - Houston, TX

This was the best family vacation we have ever been on—and we are experienced vacationers... We have an athletic 15 year old and a not-very-athletic 12 year old. Amazingly, this trip worked well for both kids. Everyone was happy.

Ann Becker - Kentfield, CA

Superb operation, wonderful (WONDERFUL) family vacation experience. Taking the logistics/planning out of the equation made everything better. And the guides did a tremendous job enabling everyone in our family and our group to customize their daily activities to match their individual preferences. Truly a wonderful family experience.

Jake Durling - San Francisco, CA

This has to be one of the best trips with our grandchildren and daughters that we have experienced. And it was all because of the incredible leaders, their interaction with our group and the manner in which they guided us through all of our activities. There are just not enough adjectives to describe these young men and the skill they have in handling the range of age groups on our trip, realizing my limitations and being successful in finding ways to bring me into the activities.

Sally McMullin - Scottsdale, AZ

The trip was beyond our expectations! Each day brought new experiences, sights, activities and enjoyment for everyone. We made new friends, shared stories, enjoyed different foods and our leaders were outstanding. The kids will have such wonderful memories.

Holly Morris - Duxbury, MA

We love to vacation with Backroads (this is our 6th trip) and share these active adventures with our children. The many options allow everyone in our family to enjoy the challenges and beauty of the trip at their own pace and without any hassles. We highly recommend Backroads to our friends.

Janis Wilbur - Lexington, VA

It was a very fun experience. The leaders were fantastic. They were great with my kids. My kids loved the activities for children, especially the glass blowing and cart racing... I can't wait for the next trip.

Wendy Collins - Aurora, CO

The best compliment of all is that our kids all said this was the best trip we've ever taken. Our leaders were outstanding in every way—made us all comfortable and relaxed. They were a wealth of information about the parks and surrounding areas, handled the wide range of age levels in our group very well (kids ages 6-19), provided games to play, engaged the kids during 'down time,' and made their own tasks seem effortless and seamless. The food was superb and their positive outlook was contagious and uplifting. We can hardly wait to book our next trip!

Susan Hunt - McLean, VA

The trip was outstanding. My son said 'This was the best vacation of my entire life!' And we all agreed that this was the perfect vacation for our family. We loved the activities, the scenery, the friendships among the kids, and we were so impressed with the enthusiasm and energy of the trip leaders. We're already planning our next Backroads Family camping trip for next summer.

Linda Gross - Encino, CA

Our leaders were fantastic—'off the charts'! A family trip is really challenging and they had a large group of teenage boys that they were wonderful with (no small feat), encouraging them in all the activities, getting the shy ones to come into their own, keeping up with the more outgoing ones and rising to every occasion. At the same time they made a group of preteen girls fall totally in love with them. And finally, they made us parents feel truly relaxed, taking over all the logistics and details of tours, transportation, meals and much more.

Jane Fink - Vienna, VA

This was the best family vacation we ever had, and a great part of that was due to the wonderful leaders we had, who were simply outstanding. They not only were sensitive to our every need and concern, they were wonderful with the children, all of whom clearly ended up worshiping them and wishing—like us—that the trip would not end. I think our son would have preferred to go with them at the end than to come home with us! All in all, we're with Backroads for the long haul and look forward to another trip soon.

Stephen Block - Manhattan Beach, CA

I've been on two previous Backroads Solo trips and thought they were outstanding. But the quality, sensitivity, and just plain fun of this family trip has made me a true Backroads believer. We will be back!

Kate Sparks - Alexandria, VA

It was an excellent trip with a great mix of fun culture and activity. And everyone was super friendly and helpful. My kids especially loved it and said 'WE DIDN'T KNOW A TRIP LIKE THIS WAS POSSIBLE!'.

Norman Weinstein - New York, NY

One thing you can't know in advance is the interactions between the different folks taking the trip... But we all hit it off and the parents and kids became like one big happy family. I can't wait to take the next family trip.

Barbara Charles - Syosset, NY

This was our first experience with Backroads, and what a great experience it was! The leaders for our trip were awesome and bonded with our kids (and us!). They took the time in the evenings to talk with the kids and play fun games with them. They are truly fine young adults who are role models for our children. Because of our experience with this team, we are already in the planning stage for our next Backroads vacation with a family we met on this trip! Thanks for making this our best family vacation!

Mary Jo Seline - Menasha, WI

Backroads planned an amazing and rich trip, and executed it with polish and good humor. We were extremely impressed and will travel with Backroads on all our future organized travel. Guides were wonderful with guests, kids, dietary and medical restrictions, and at keeping everything moving smoothly. By the end of the trip, we felt our family had grown to include the leaders and other guests.

Denise Pinkston - Berkeley, CA

Fabulous! The leaders were outstanding and our kids had the time of their lives. Backroads is a great way to travel for a busy family—minimal preparation required, and a rich and diverse schedule of activities and experiences that we never could have planned on our own.

Terri Cammarano - Palos Verdes Estates, CA

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