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    The Best Leaders

I have traveled with many tour groups, but our three leaders on our Backroads trip were by far the very best of any tour I have ever taken! They were the greatest! Thank you.

Diane Kanell - Fort Lauderdale, FL

With each trip, we are certain that we just experienced the very best leaders ever. Then we arrive for the next trip and we experience this same excellence all over again with a different leader. The many wonderful and knowledgeable people that work in the organization are the backbone of Backroads!

Ann Posey - Richmond, VA

As usual, the guides were wonderful! Their level of professionalism and caring is what separates Backroads from other tour companies and keeps bringing us back! We have now done 29 trips and look forward to more. Thank you!

Margo Requarth - Sebastopol, CA

We have been on trips with other organizations, but the leaders on those trips paled by comparison.

Bill and Marlene Gordon - Los Gatos, CA

I have tried to find a way to articulate how much the Backroads Leaders contribute to the fun and value of the trip. The best that I can find is 'The world would be a much better place if it were run by Backroads Leaders.'

David Allison - Austin, TX

Backroads is a well-oiled machine. The best part of the experience in my mind is the leaders who set the tone and allow for the amazing experience.

Mary Miller - Bend, OR

Best vacation I've ever had. You guys are the best at what you do. And, you know how to hand pick amazing people to lead these trips, which is what really makes it such an incredible experience.

Ben Thomas - Murfreesboro, TN

As always Backroads has hit it on the button. Your leaders may be the best we have ever traveled with anywhere (no small feat). Their charm, intelligence, competence in emergencies, beauty and athleticism amazed us. Where do you find people like this?

David Fields - Pound Ridge, NY

Your guides are truly off the charts, the heart and soul of the Backroads experience.

Jim McDermott - Quogue, NY

The reason I continue to come back to Backroads is your leaders. They are engaging, bright and competent. While ensuring a memorable adventure for the group, their attention to detail and anticipation of individual needs are what elevate them beyond what is expected. They are your greatest asset.

Carmel Mitchell - South Boston, MA

When I first read it, I thought that the Backroads literature might have been over promising on the role and performance of the Trip Leaders. If anything my actual experience of them was that you were understating the enormous value they brought to the trip. They were insightful, energetic, knowledgeable and thoughtful. They had the ability to create a sense of comfort that grew with each day of the trip. I found them very professional, absolutely first rate... And very nice people as well.

Fred Shell - Ann Arbor, MI

The quality of your guides never ceases to amaze me. They are friendly, have a great sense of humor, roll with the punches, and are resourceful and delightful. Thanks for hiring such fantastic people.

Suellen White - Stockholm, Sweden

Their professionalism, savoir faire, diplomatic skills, enthusiasm and sense of humour, made this trip one of the most beautiful ones I have made.

Daniel Lalonde - Hudson, QC

As much as I have loved Backroads throughout the years, it wasn't until I took another company's tour that I realized just how spectacular your trip leaders truly are. In my opinion, the leaders make the trip, and I will never take a chance on another touring company again... I can't wait to spend a week with yet another set of the best leaders in the industry.

Cheryl Shechter - Miami, FL

Hiring, training and company policies shine through in the caliber of the leaders and the overall experience. At the same time, the leaders' autonomy and ability to put their stamp on the experience makes it not feel cookie-cutter. A great balance.

Polly Hoppin - Jamaica Plain, MA

I was very impressed with your guides. They immediately picked up on participants' individual personalities, idiosyncrasies and preferences. Their ability and talent of keeping everything fun and moving was not to be taken for granted.

Ted Huang - Menlo Park, CA

I have only been on two Backroads trips so far, but you distinguish yourself with the quality of your trip leaders. They far exceed your competition.

Gretchen Yager - Encinitas, CA

Your guides are great. I own Colorado's largest river outfitter and I employ 70 guides, having done this for over 20 years. All three of your guides really made the experience. You are fortunate to have them and it is obvious that your hiring practices are spot on.

Karen Neinas - Canon City, CO

Our Trip Leaders were perfect. No request was too small. One of my friends mentioned that she loved peanut butter and the next day there it was. I always felt confident in their abilities and resourcefulness. I'm a great fan of Backroads, and although the whole plan has to work, your Trip Leaders are what differentiates you from other active travel companies.

Barbara Sidor - Palo Alto, CA

As my kids would say, 'They (the leaders) are like magic... They just seem to appear out of nowhere as soon as you think you might need them!! It's amazing!!'

Jennifer O'Scannlain - Chicago, IL

Your training staff should teach executives in Fortune 500 Companies. Your leaders would make outstanding corporate officers with their personnel skills, attitude, and joy to serve. Congratulations on recruiting and then training such good people.

Steve Stepanek - Manhattan Beach, CA

Our leaders were absolutely the greatest! My daughter cried herself to sleep the first night after our Backroads trip as she missed them so much and had such a great time. The attention to detail was phenomenal. We lived like kings and queens.

William Gramig - Greensboro, NC

The trip leaders made the week even more special. They were great. I celebrated my birthday on the trip and they made it a great day, decorating the bike, making cupcakes, and singing at dessert. Of my six trips with Backroads, this was probably the best.

Wendy Torri - St. Louis, MO

The crowning Backroads contribution—the one that made a summer trip into perhaps the best summer trip my family has ever taken—comes from the leaders. They are simply fantastic; they're smart, informed, helpful, cheerful, earnest, committed, lovely, capable, energetic, impressive human beings. They worked together like synchronized swimmers, seamlessly executing a daily dance that made every element of the camping experience an effortless joy for everyone. They were terrific with the kids. They were engaging, warm, and just plain fun with the parents. I cannot say enough about how much their truly excellent work (and it WAS work indeed—daily and nightly diligence that always seemed like their pure pleasure to do) made the whole trip into pure enjoyment.

Amy Silverstein - Chappaqua, NY

Your company is absolutely incredible. I have dreamed of taking a trip with Backroads for so long and this trip certainly exceeded my expectations. A huge part of your success is from the incredible trip leaders—their enthusiasm, organization and overall engagement are fantastic.

Wendy Thomas - Toronto, ON

It was outstanding! We are all so sad it is over. Our guides were almost clairvoyant in their ability to know when rest/refreshment was needed, pick up the mood by entertaining a tired group, cheer participants on to optimum achievement, challenge kids just enough, and keep everyone engaged and excited about what was next. Their passion for the region was contagious and their athletic ability inspirational. They were incredibly flexible and managed to accommodate those who wanted more challenge, as well as those who needed downtime.

Stu Guenther - Atlanta, GA

Cannot say enough good things about the leaders both individually and as a REAL team. This was our 4th trip with Backroads and we have never been in the least way disappointed in the leaders. Quite the contrary. They are just fabulous, and these three were no exception. Whoever is responsible for choosing and training leaders should feel really proud. I ran a company—consistent excellence does not happen by chance.

Rick Dowden - Steamboat Springs, CO

Our leaders were amazing. I consult in customer service management, and I have never had a better experience. They took care of us seamlessly and gracefully. I don't know how you find these people but your selection process must be awesome. Both of them refused my offer to adopt them, but in spite of that, I can't find words adequate to sing their praises.

Jean Kerwin - Slingerlands, NY

Our leaders really enjoyed their job, and it showed when they worked! They made our trip what it was. They are all funny, unique, energetic, informative, passionate, welcoming, happy, positive, caring, attentive to detail, and we cannot praise them more highly.

Michael Cartier - Portage, MI

Our leaders were incredible. They cared for our every need/desire while ensuring our safety... It was truly a magical week! Thank you and special, heartfelt thanks, to our amazing leaders.

Theresa Bachhuber - New Hartford, CT

I think the fun temperament and enthusiastic, agreeable disposition of our leaders was what pulled everything together so well. These are very special people, well suited to supervising families with different ages and athletic abilities through an organized event in a different culture.

Kristi Rowsell - Glen Ellyn, IL

I can't say enough about the Backroads leaders and support people we've met on our trips. The thing that comes across so clearly is that they absolutely love what they're doing and appreciate that no matter how many times they've done this or seen that, for us it's usually a first time experience and your great folks embrace the opportunity to share that wonder with us.

Joel Kelly - Studio City, CA

The quality of your leaders is fundamental to the quality of the Backroads experience. Please continue to retain, recruit and develop your leaders at the highest possible level. They are your distinguishing competitive advantage... And they ensure a very positive experience.

Peter DuBois - San Francisco, CA

Your trip leaders are really special people. They have more to their personalities than simply being bike riders. I have been impressed with their 'prior lives' before they joined Backroads... They all have wonderful personal stories to share.

Barbara Zand - Pocantico Hills, NY

The trip was amazing. Very well organized and executed. But the thing that made it such a spectacular success was our amazing leaders. Each one of them contributed something special and memorable. Even when they were working so hard to make us a great meal, or unloading/loading equipment, they were always willing to stop what they were doing to answer a question, or assist with any request. We took pictures of them so that we can always remember them and I can point to each of them when guiding my kids toward their adulthoods. They were inspiring, fun and attentive.

Erin Ades - Ridgewood, NJ

One of the best vacations I have ever had. The trip was great and leaders/support team were superb (and then some). They added a great deal to the experience. I can't imagine better leaders. Everything was well coordinated and there was clearly a lot of concern in making sure that the vacation was as stress free and enjoyable as it could be.

Barry Greenberg - San Diego, CA

We cannot say enough great things about our trip leaders and their caring and warm gift of making us feel important, secure and safe on this trip. They really were able to foster community with 25 people! They were a superb team! Thank you!

Paul Manganiello - Norwich, VT

I think our guides really made the trip. I was super impressed by their professionalism. The trip was flawless, and we didn't see an instant of the behind-the-scenes work. You could easily tell how passionate they were about their role, and they made the trip a fantastic active vacation.

David Grossman - Chicago, IL

Our guides were great! They answered ALL of our crazy questions, seemed pleased to spend time with us, were unbelievably assuring and reassuring that we could all ride at our OWN pace, and were there for us whenever we were in need. It was worth the price of the trip to just spend a week with such great guys! Everything about the experience surpassed any expectations that I might have had.

Kip Johnson - Wenatchee, WA

Awe inspiring, fun and informative. This was our first Backroads trip... It far exceeded our expectations, in every way. The food was over the top. The scenery and hiking were diverse and extraordinary. The inns were intimate and excellent. But it was the guides who made the trip so very special. They appeared to handle all the logistics effortlessly and we so appreciated having everything handled. They both provided leadership, but it never quite appeared so. They were tons of fun, inspiring, well informed and good teachers, and just so generally interesting as human beings. I would have loved to have been almost anywhere with them. I effuse enough. It was a perfect trip.

Laura Gamble - Carmel, CA

Unparalleled, outstanding, exceptional! I did not think after my first Backroads trip that another would surpass that but this second one did without a doubt. I can strongly say that it could not have been so without the top-notch leaders of the trip.

Alice Yeh - Daly City, CA

The leaders were among the best I have ever encountered and they managed to enhance what would have in itself been a magnificent trip. From the educational aspects to the food to the hiking, everything was perfection! Thanks again, Backroads!

Linda Wilkerson - Minnetonka, MN

I must credit all three guides for making our trip so meaningful and special. Everything they did was put forward with passion and love of life. They worked really hard but never showed it. Instead they shared their joy and kind spirit. And their enthusiasm for what they do was contagious. We all enjoyed their energy and good fun. Thanks again for an incredible trip.

Liz Sode - Chicago, IL

Our guides were flawless—organized, fun, informed, spirited, and simply outstanding. They made the trip flow with ease. I can't imagine how much behind the scenes work and coordination they put in but it was phenomenal.

Melissa Macias - Milwaukee, WI

This trip was far MORE than we ever expected. Our guides were fantastic. The kids loved them and so did we. They NEVER missed an opportunity to make our experience more fun, memorable, comfortable, educational, relaxing, easier, flexible... They read us perfectly and knew exactly what we wanted. I cannot say enough about those three.

Jane Tauber - Short Hills, NJ

Our leaders were absolutely incredible. They were knowledgeable, helpful, enthusiastic and went FAR beyond the call of duty on their jobs. Above all, their attitudes and the fact that they were truly having FUN meant everything in terms of maintaining the group dynamics to ensure that everyone had a pleasurable experience.

Lori Robinson - Alexandria, VA

The best trip we have ever taken as a family, and the leaders were the primary reason. We laughed for 10 days straight... When we left, we felt like the leaders had become members of our family.

Vivian Kwong - Pasadena, CA

Our leaders were so fun and so caring!... They took good care of us in so many different ways and it was really a privilege to see them work. They are very talented and inspiring—what a wonderful group of people!

Kimberly Borin - Lebanon, NJ

I think Backroads' biggest asset is in the quality of your leaders. They are bright, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, confident and inspiring. I would take another trip just to meet two more fantastic individuals.

Rue Richey - New York, NY

These young women were extraordinary. There wasn't anything they couldn't do... From bike maintenance, to historian, to cyclists extraordinaire, navigator, chauffeur, cheerleader, translator, organizer, caretaker, joke teller, femme fatale... They had it all.

Robyn Watson - San Anselmo, CA

Although we were in a beautiful country, it was the trip leaders who made this so special. We had a great group and have come home with so many memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you.

Jane Heffner - Bloomfield Village, MI

I met some great people, challenged myself to some adventures I didn't think I could accomplish, saw amazing things, overall had a fantastic time. The leaders were absolutely critical to that. They really cared and were very accommodating and flexible and could adapt to any situation. I am extremely pleased and look forward to the next trip!

Erica Eisner - Chicago, IL

Our leaders were among the most considerate, responsible, easy to get along with and all around excellent leaders of any trips we have taken.

Deborah McDonald - Herndon, VA

Every moment of the trip was stellar except one: the moment when it had to end. I could have kept doing this forever. The leaders were exceptional and inspirational, the scenery was stunning, the attention to detail and logistics was perfect, and the other group members were terrific, and all bonded together immediately thanks in large part to the spark and leadership of our leaders.

Paula Froke - New York, NY

All of the leaders were friendly, courteous, professional, fun, engaging and very accommodating! They all contributed in their own unique ways to making this vacation one that my son and I will both remember for the rest of our lives.

Diana Parent - Georgetown, MA

What distinguishes Backroads from other companies, most of which offer similar trips at lower or slightly lower prices, is the quality of your trip leaders. You are extremely selective in hiring them, give them extensive and rigorous training, and the result is exceptional service. This is why I am loyal to Backroads. Over the years, I have tried a couple other companies to save a few hundred bucks and always regretted it. Backroads trip leaders are the best (including the excellent ones on this trip).

Ron Cronovich - Kenosha, WI

From the moment we arrived to the time we left, our leaders were the best of the best! We felt safe, well cared for, and quite pampered by their attention to detail. They remember the smallest details about all of us and were always the utmost professionals!

Margie Schneider - Houston, TX

It never fails to surprise us how Backroads and your leaders always exceed our expectations. It is so refreshing to see people so passionate about their jobs.

Marlene Binda - Calgary, Alberta

Backroads plans an excellent trip, but I really think it was our leader team that made this trip so much more amazing. They were fun, supportive, and went out of their way to create memorable moments and experiences for us all.

Jessica Biscamp - Santa Fe, NM

Whoever recruits and trains your staff may be the best in any industry. Your people are consistently amazing!

Jim Quinlan - Charlotte, NC

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