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    Absolute Best Bikes

Great bikes! Much better than we have had from other bike companies.

Joy Lambert - Vero Beach, FL

Best bike I've had on any bike tour.

Doug Wood - Redmond, WA

I'm an avid cyclist and was impressed with your quality bikes. Excellently maintained.

Linda Littell - Boulder, CO

Fantastic, amazing, wonderful! I LOVED using the electric bike. For the first time I can say that I really understand my husband's love for biking. I have thrilling memories that will last forever.

Annie Duignan - Boulder, CO

I upgraded to the S-works Roubaix... Fabulous!

Thomas Van Overbeek - San Jose, CA

The bikes are one of the main features that separate Backroads from other companies. They were perfect! The triple cranks and wide rear cassette made the Tuscan hills very do-able. Thanks!

Marilyn Guthrie - Seattle, WA

The bike is excellent—light and comfortable. Well outfitted. Could not be better. Great set up work by trip leaders.

Jim McElroy - Sacramento, CA

The S Works Roubaix was excellent. Better than the bike I ride at home!

Michael Paresky - Wayland, MA

Appreciated the ability to use my own pedals and seat. The bike was so easy to handle and it coasted like butter (hubs seemed frictionless!)... The staff help with getting the bike fitted properly made a huge difference.

Patricia Stafford - Dublin, OH

Great. Lightweight, easily adjustable, safety triangle, bags, water bottles, directions holder—everything you need.

Barb Sporlein - Saint Paul, MN

I was very impressed. Your standard titanium frame road bike was a way nicer ride than my regular home bike and was well tuned.

Colin Dale - Silver Spring, MD

I'm not a biking expert, but it was the best bicycle I've ridden.

John Mcloughlin - Cockeysville, MD

Loved the eBike. It meant I could keep up with my husband and that I could bike some of the longer routes instead of doing the shortest route every day.

Nancy Anderson - Portola Valley, CA

As a family of inexperienced bikers, we were thrilled with how comfortable and easy to ride the bikes were for us to use.

Gary Budlow - Boca Raton, FL

LOVED the granny gear. I used it on EVERY uphill, even the gentle ones.

Becky Edman - Atascadero, CA

My bicycle and that of my grandson were prepared well for us. I was happy to have a gel seat available. When I had difficulty with the gears, someone was there to help!

Nancy Bradley - Mohnton, PA

I do a lot of cycling and you guys have a great setup.

Rick Onyshko - Burien, WA

I am an e-bike convert! Thank you for offering them! The cycling has always been a pain point for me... The idea that I can bike all day, take the long options, and stay with my husband (a hard-core cyclist) is a joy!

Gillian Gabriel - Minneapolis, MN

Oh my gosh! The bikes were fantastic! I have always wanted to switch to a road bike for the easier glide of smaller tires, but didn't want the forward position all the time. These bikes were the best of both worlds. Loved Them. Thank you Backroads.

Leslie Willard - Naples, FL

I rented an eBike and it was AWESOME! Otherwise, I would not have been able to keep up with my husband and son who ride like machines! It evened the playing field for me and it was great. I didn't need the bike for the flats or downhills—only the climbs. I would HIGHLY recommend this bike to others. Renting this bicycle will open doors for me in future trips.

Kim Wiersema - Holland, MI

Great equipment and the team was very knowledgeable about fitting and using it.

Tom Bradley - Saint Paul, MN

The gears shifted very smoothly, better than my bike at home, and I ride a nice bike!

Donna Floyd - Roseville, MN

This was my first biking trip and was very impressed with the quality of the equipment.

Christopher Plimpton - New York, NY

Exceptional quality. I would buy this bike. The leaders were great with helping fit the bikes.

Charlene Dean - Cincinnati, OH

I loved my bike—easy to ride and comfortable—and it was great to be able to bring my own bike peddles and shoes.

Beth Sherman - San Francisco, CA

Loved the bike! Always ready for me in the morning, and never had a problem with it. Perfectly fitted as well.

Margaret Subhas - New York, NY

We were very happy to have the upgraded Ruby/Roubaix bikes. Thanks for offering this option.

Phil Spector - Delray Beach, FL

The electric assist bike was the great equalizer for myself and my husband. It was a great choice for me!!!

Donna Fishman - Crested Butte, CO

Great bike. Perfect blend of speed and stability and extremely well maintained.

Jack Schmitt - New York, NY

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