Backroads is requesting a room for me at hotels on my trip. When will my spot be confirmed, and do I need to pay a trip deposit?

If you request a room prior to the Final Payment due date, we can request additional rooms from our trip hotels without a deposit. We usually hear back from hotels within 7 business days (and often much sooner!), but we will always communicate with you as soon as we have a response.

If you book after the Final Payment due date and additional room requests are required, you will be charged your trip deposit (and Final Payment for Active Cruises) before you are confirmed on the trip. If we are unable to confirm your room(s) within 7 business days, you will receive a full payment refund. If we can confirm your room(s), your remaining balance will be charged on the following day using the same payment method as your deposit. If you decide to cancel after the rooms have been confirmed, standard cancellation fees will apply.