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    Older Teens & 20s

Big Adventures for Families with Older Teens & 20s

We understand that spending family time together as your kids head out into the world is more important than ever. On these family trips, you enjoy fun activities together, along with plenty of opportunities to be independent. It's a perfect way to ensure everyone has the best vacation ever.

Family Trips

Get the Gang Together

These family adventures—tailored for older teens & 20s—make it easy to create memories as a family. We understand why you're keen to keep those ties strong with family members who are heading out into the world. So these trips include age-appropriate options while also building in lots of time to explore and try new experiences together. So whether your not-so-young kids are about to leave for college, or back on a break, or maybe celebrating their graduation or a milestone birthday, you can keep those great memories happening.

Family Trip Travel

Unforgettable Experiences

From hip European discoveries, to camping among mountain peaks, to once-in-a-lifetime excursions in exotic destinations, our world-wide lineup of trips has it all. Whether you're into biking, hiking or a bit of both, we've designed more than 60 itineraries for the whole family (including younger siblings when traveling with a sibling who is at least 17), so everyone can enjoy time together in a spirit of curiosity, camaraderie and fun. Looking for the ideal getaway in wintertime, Spring Break or during the summer? We've got trips to fit your family's schedule.

Hip gateway cities on Family Trips

Cool Gateway Cities

With non-stop Instagram-ready moments in such cities as Barcelona, Stockholm, Reykjavik, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Cape Town, and San Francisco, you'll all come away with huge smiles and lots of stories.