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Backroads 100 year old biker

This year I had the honor of attending my first 100th birthday party. Actually, my Great Uncle Mike is the only 100-year-old I've ever met. But ag...

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Backroads Staff Ride 2015 Tuscany Unicorns

If you've been a guest on a Backroads trip, you probably remember how bright, friendly, hard-working and extremely energetic your Trip Leaders wer...

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Teton Adaptive Sports DPort by the lake

To be bewildered, amazed and humbled by nature is a phenomenon that most of us are familiar with. Nature in its purest form is a compelling force ...

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Backroads Leader Travis Steffens

Trying to stay upright, I slowly place one foot in front of the other, and I focus on the encouraging face of my Malagasy guide. One false step an...

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