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Reykjavik, Iceland, a Backroads destination

Iceland is home to the world's oldest parliament, Europe's largest glacier (by volume), Björk and now you for at least 24 hours! Whether you're sp...

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Lombard Street in San Francisco

There's something about San Francisco. Something that sets it apart from other major world cities. Is it the natural setting surrounded by indigo ...

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Valley Overlook

Fall in Provence is a magical time. The weather is usually crisp and clear due to the mistral winds blowing hard from the northwest. The usually s...

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Backroads Award Winning Bike Tours

We handpick the most scenic biking routes--from the Rocky Mountains to the Tuscan countryside. Our biking trip leaders know the least trafficked c...

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Chateaux Chenonceau

In French, 'castles' translates to 'châteaux' and throughout the country there are many châteaux that embody the extravagance of French nobility f...

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