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Books That Inspire Adventure

These books, along with an insatiable desire to explore, led me down an unconventional path to world travel, exciting (and sometimes insane) adventures and an active lifestyle that I parlayed into a career as a Backroads Trip Leader. So which stories have inspired me to explore, seek adventure, change the world for the better and do so confidently? Here are my top five.

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Tag Games for Kids

Backroads Family Trips are packed with fresh air and outdoor activity sure to keep even the most energetic kids entertained. Our on-trip Kid Coordinators love to get kids playing with these fun variations on the classic game of Tag.

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Tom Hale: Fitness and Active Travel

I used to be pretty serious about the whole competitive running thing. I've run my whole life. And I've run myself into the ground—quite literally. I've had plenty of injuries. Too many, in fact. And those injuries prompted me to develop Tom Hale Total Health.

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