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The Life of a Backroads Trip Leader

I’ve been a Backroads Trip Leader for seven years and one of the most frequent questions I’m asked by my guests is, “What’s the life of a Backroads Trip Leader like?” It’s a simple question, but not an easy one to answer. When I applied for a leader position at Backroads, I had no idea of the complexity of this job and how much it goes beyond any regular work environment.

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Where in the World Is Kenny Brushett?

Where in the World Is Kenny Brushett? Well the thing is, you never quite know. But you can be sure of one thing: if he isn't hosting guests on the trip of a lifetime in some exotic locale, he's bringing the world home in flavorful ways. An exceptional mentor, leader, photographer and culinary wizard, Kenny is unlike anyone I've ever met.

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Are you a leader?

At Backroads, we make a great big deal about hiring Trip Leaders. And today marks the start of our hiring "season." At 8:30 this morning, 43 hopeful candidates arrived at our Berkeley headquarters for what has got to be one of the world's most involved first interviews. Candidates are in our courtyard now--donning nametags, changing flat tires, showing off their public speaking skills and getting to know our staff. They've come from such far flung locations as China and Hawaii to interview with us. They've got degrees as diverse as MSc in Physiotherapy and BA in Elementary Education.

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