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Balik Ekmek – Istanbul’s Fish Sandwich

The punctually repetitious ezan (Islamic call to prayer) will forever ring distinctly in my ears--that shrill wailing cry echoing from loudspeakers perched on minarets towering above nearly every town throughout Turkey. And never will I forget the hospitality that I experienced during my six weeks of cycling from the rocky eastern Black Sea coast, through the historic hills and caves of central Anatolia, and along the rugged sun-drenched Mediterranean coast before eventually turning north to Istanbul--the geopolitical gateway between Europe and Asia.

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Inside Patagonia

Patagonia, the geographical region of the Southern Andes shared by Argentina and Chile, is often referred to as one of the last great frontiers. It's a remote, spectacular landscape of craggy, jagged peaks that protrude skyward out of windswept pampas...

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