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Top 10 Trips for Wine Enthusiasts

Imagine taking a trip to drink champagne in Champage or port wine in Porto. What could be more satisfying? Answer: If that same trip has you biking the incredible Rue des Vins d'Alsace or hiking along the Douro River Valley's terraced vineyards between sips. With these top trips for wine enthusiasts, you can savor the local lifeblood while actively exploring stunning wine regions around the world!

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Stockholm: Venice of the North

Stockholm is not a city that speaks for itself. Like the Swedes, it exists with a quiet elegance and humility that is discovered by the foreigner with the patient peeling away of layer after layer. Its skyline is one of the most striking I’ve seen in Europe, with spires reaching towards the sky and pastel-colored buildings lining the canals and bridges that unite the city across 14 islands. From Lake Mälaren through a web of canals and rivers reaching the Baltic Sea, the Stockholm Archipelago draws city dwellers from the capital’s urban chic into the countryside.

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