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5 Strange Foods Around the World

Here at Backroads we like to find adventure in the great outdoors--cycling through rural countryside or hiking over mountain passes with the wind whipping through our hair. All of this is wonderful, but sometimes our most memorable adventures can be found right on a plate in front of us. Bugs, intestines, rodents. In many parts of the world, these are delicacies in the same league as lobster or caviar. So how "weird" does it get? Who better to ask than our fearless, world traveling, eat-anything-that's-not-poisonous Backroads Trip Leaders!

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Vietnam & Cambodia Bike Tour Video

In Vietnam, our Trip Leaders combine deep local expertise with a firm grasp of North American expectations around quality of service. By the same token, we pair experienced Backroads leaders with local guides who know how to cater to your needs while cracking open the culture or natural history in ways that are meaningful, memorable and often magical. On this trip, enjoy exclusive access to an ancient Hanoi temple rarely visited by foreign travelers. And leave the tourists behind, pedaling past bucolic settlements and vibrant green rice paddies on wonderfully quiet roads.

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