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6 Must-Stay Backroads Hotels in Spain

With its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, Spain today is the culmination of thousands of years of trade, exploration and exposure to cultures from around the globe. Beyond its seemingly endless coastline, Spain boasts epic mountain ranges, world class cities, incredibly friendly people and intoxicating traditional music, food and drink. A trip here is sure to leave you spellbound, so we've highlighted seven of our favorite hotels across a wide array of Backroads adventures in Spain.

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Enliven Your Senses in Granada, Spain

Crossing paths with the thousands of olive trees strewn on the surrounding hills, it was hard for me to imagine that behind them was the most enchanting city I would encounter in Spain: Granada. It now makes perfect sense as to why Backroads offers an Andalucía bike tour that ends in this magical city.

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Staff Ride Love

It's not often in life you get an opportunity to see how loved you are. The opportunity to be reminded just how lucky you are. There are birthdays, but then those are almost obligatory. Random moments caught in time when someone tells you how much you mean to them…

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