Three Ways to See the Stars

Today, more and more people are planning their travel not just around the seasons or their schedules, but around the sky. Whether they're stargazing, watching for the Northern Lights or chasing eclipses around the world, these astrotourists are going to infinity and beyond. Here are three stellar (and solar, and lunar) destinations for star-crossed travelers.


Chile Bike Tour & Patagonia Multi-Adventure Tour

Witnessing an eclipse should be on the bucket list of every earthbound astronaut, and if you're tempted, I've got good news: there will be a total solar eclipse this coming Spring 2020, visible in Chile and Argentina. Even better news? Backroads is running special trips there over these dates, where you can combine biking, hiking and trekking with a truly once-in-a-lifetime astrological experience. See our Patagonia Multi-Adventure TourChile Bike Tour & Family Multi-Adventure Tour for Older Teens & 20s.


Portugal Bike Tour

Experience the "Dark Sky Reserve" of Alentejo, the first international "Starlight Tourism Destination" of its kind. Extending over 3000 square kilometers and dedicated to preserving the night sky, local towns here purposefully minimize public light for better star gazing. Our stay at hotel São Lourenço do Barrocal, a luxuriously restored 200-year-old agrarian estate, is within this protected reserve, and could not provide a grander setting to marvel at the night sky.

Person staring at the beautiful northern lights with hands spread out. Amazing nature, Aurora borealis in Andoya, Norway


Iceland Northern Lights Multi-Adventure Tour

What, other than the Northern lights, or "Aurora Borealis", can be truly described as out of this world? As phenomena? As magic? Come with Backroads on to explore winter in Iceland and the wonder of the night sky. Watch as curtains, ribbons, and waves of green, red, and orange lighten the darkness of Iceland's long winter days against a backdrop of incredible stars.

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