Deluxe Family Camping with Backroads

If you're at all familiar with Backroads, then you know that we have a stellar reputation for taking care of all the details so that you don't have to. Our family camping trips are no exception. Whether you're an avid camper looking to share the camping experience with family or friends, or someone who is new to the experience altogether, here are four things to look forward to on a Backroads Deluxe Camping Trip! 1. A Team of Hosts

Backroads Trip Leaders

One of the things that makes Backroads unique is that we take all the work out of the equation for you so that you don't have to worry about a single detail. While your Trip Leaders accompany you during activities, your Camp Chef and a Camp Assistant make sure you're as comfortable as possible while camping with Backroads. Before you get to camp, they set up your tent, deliver your luggage, and have dinner and a campfire ready for your arrival. All you have to do is kick off your shoes, grab a drink and relax because everything else is taken care of. 2. Home-Style Cooking

Backroads Camp Chef

Backroads takes a lot of pride in what we prepare on trip and we're known for elaborate picnics that seem to appear out of nowhere. When it comes to breakfast and dinner on our Deluxe Camping Trips, the same principle applies. Don't expect baked beans and rice, but rather marinated grilled salmon, homemade tomato bisque soup, gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and a refreshing spring salad (and that's just one potential dinner). Then there's dessert (of course), but that's a surprise we can't spoil ahead of time! 3. Gear and Equipment

Backroads Deluxe Camping tents and sleeping cots

Camping on your own can sometimes be more work than play, especially when you consider how gear- and labor-intensive it is to be comfortable in the wilderness. Car camping can sometimes offer a bit more luxury, but we've stepped it up to make things even more glamorous--some call it "glamping," but we just call it "camping." If you've been on a Backroads Deluxe Camping Trip before, then you already know that we offer tents big enough for most people to be comfortable standing up, warm sleeping bags, cozy raised cots, thick self-inflating sleeping pads and camp chairs for all our guests. 4. Camping for Everyone Picture yourself under the star-lit desert sky of Bryce Canyon or in the vast wild country of Yellowstone. The smell of campfire lingers in the air, the sound of nature is subtle but pleasant, and the silhouetted landscape surrounds you on all sides with its splendor. In the distance, the soft flickering glow of the campfire lights up the faces of your family and new friends as they sit around it, playing games and sharing stories. The best thing about camping will always be its ability to help make incredible memories.

Sunrise over Bryce Canyon

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