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Beat the Winter Blues

The sun's shining, there's a white carpet of snow covering the ground, and the trees are heavy from the latest snowfall. Working up a sweat, I ascend a small hill and drink in the view. As far as I can see, forest covers the landscape...
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Tom Hale: Fitness and Active Travel

I used to be pretty serious about the whole competitive running thing. I've run my whole life. And I've run myself into the ground—quite literally. I've had plenty of injuries. Too many, in fact. And those injuries prompted me to develop Tom Hale Total Health.
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From 0 to 60

When I started working at Backroads this past June, I had never been on a road bike in my life. But this October, I joined 230 of my coworkers at our annual Staff Ride, which this year was held in Spain, and cycled 25-60 miles a day. Here’s what I learned, going from 0 miles a day to 60...
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