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Tom Hale: My Year with Backroads

As the founder and owner of Backroads, people often expect me to have some special insight into how our trips run. It's true that I was a Trip Leader in the earliest days of Backroads, but nowadays I'm busy running the company from Berkeley and every chance I get to visit the field is precious. Ah, for the footloose days of being a leader.
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Three Ways to See the Stars

Today, more and more people are planning their travel not just around the seasons or their schedules, but around the sky. Whether they're stargazing, watching for the Northern Lights or chasing eclipses around the world, these astrotourists are going to infinity and beyond. Here are three stellar (and solar, and lunar) destinations for star-crossed travelers.…
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The Mysteries of Machu Picchu

It's hard to deny that Machu Picchu is a truly grand feat of engineering, but why was such an impressive structure abandoned? War? Disease? Divine intervention? It remains a mystery - here are the five most likely theories.
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