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Two Backroads Leaders in Love

Lauran and I met on a school bus. She was wearing a propeller hat and fake glasses with tape on the bridge and rainbow suspenders to hold the outfit together. It was love at first sight. Ok, not really, but we did meet on the school bus during the Backroads California Staff Ride in 2010 and the theme was "Back to School."
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Jenna Barnes, Camp Chef Extraordinaire

Jenna Barnes is no ordinary Camp Chef at Backroads, but then again, she's no ordinary individual. She stands apart as someone who believes strongly in the power of food as a means to fuel and heal your body. She inspires people to eat well and inspires people like me to experiment with new dishes when working as a Camp Chef. To Jenna, food is life and she has an incredible gift showcasing absolutely all of its wondrous potential.
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Part Time Leader, Full Time Minister’s Wife

My Facebook newsfeed of late is chock-full of photos and status updates from my Backroads colleagues residing in far-flung locations. I see gorgeous sunsets in Costa Rica. The hustle and bustle of city life in India. Tumbling Hawaiian waterfalls and spectacular New Zealand landscapes. Me? I spend my winters living in a boys' dorm in snow-covered Wisconsin. I find this rather humorous. In place of gregarious co-leaders, my building-mates are 120 teenage boys.
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