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Hiking in Utah

Utah is a magical place of diverse landscapes with enchanting geologic features. With over 70% of the land in the state in public hands, easily-accessible opportunities to hit your stride on the hiking trail are almost endless. Lace up your boots…Utah here we come!
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Is Bigfoot Real?

A fantastic tale of man vs. beast persists in the Pacific Northwest: the book, the film, the gold diggers and the scientist; the believers and the non-believers; stories of first-hand sightings evidenced by blurry photographs. Do you believe in Gigantopithecus?
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The Secret Joys of Camping

Why go on a camping trip? Why choose to sleep on the ground instead of a bed, in a tent rather than hotel, and some may say, a whole lot of nothing over an assortment of delightful amenities like TV, WiFi, room service and those fancy miniature soaps? What's the upside of staying outside? The…
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