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Active Trips That Let You Do It Your Way

Mixed abilities, mixed interests, mixed goals, or maybe mixed inclinations. Whatever label we put on it, this is one of the key quality factors that differentiate Backroads: choice. You choose where you want to go, who you want to travel with, what activities you want to enjoy – and for how long or how far. The leaders are not there to decide your day, but to see what you want to do and help make it happen.

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Navigating Your Active Vacation: Using the Best GPS Technology

We're outfitting our bikes with the top-of-the-line Garmin Edge Explore 1000 on Biking Trips in Europe, North America and Hawaii in 2016--included in your trip at no additional cost! How does it work? You simply show up and your Backroads bike will be set up with a Garmin Edge Explore 1000, pre-loaded with all the routes on your trip.

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Backroads Values and How They Impact Your Adventure Vacation

The other day a guest asked me how we're able to hire such amazing leaders with such consistently exemplary values. He then asked whether we specifically recruited for values. Which prompted me to review the criteria we use to screen leaders. Guess what--no "values" were listed. Plenty of leadership, guest service, judgment, motivation, teamwork, ability to connect with guests and all of the obvious language, active lifestyle and mechanical inclination type criteria. And about 40 sub-criteria. But no values.

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Kids on Bikes

I do know a thing or two about getting kids on bikes, and doing so at the earliest possible juncture. Also into baby joggers, backpacks and the like, but that's a whole other story. It started 19 years ago with my oldest child, now a college sophomore who has recently emerged from what I would call "my parents dragging me around the world" stage into a delightful appreciation for all things travel. What a wonderful metamorphosis. Have faith ye of teen children!

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Tom Hale: Fitness and Active Travel

I used to be pretty serious about the whole competitive running thing. I've run my whole life. And I've run myself into the ground—quite literally. I've had plenty of injuries. Too many, in fact. And those injuries prompted me to develop Tom Hale Total Health.

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Why eBikes?

For the 35th anniversary of Backroads, we decided it was about time to get me out talking to the press, something I hadn’t done in ages. Everyone wanted to talk about Ebikes, electric assist bikes. All the editors and writers I met challenged my decision to offer them on trip.

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