Rich Snodsmith

Rich Snodsmith

To say that Rich loves biking would be an understatement—he lives and breathes the sport, riding and racing for over three decades. After years of working in the retail bicycle industry, Rich came to Backroads in 1994 and has been managing our Guest Services department since 1999. On the weekends you can find him cranking up Marin’s hilly terrain. But as much as Rich loves bikes, he loves traveling with his wife and 12-year-old daughter even more. What’s his favorite travel memory? A special father-daughter Backroads trip to Machu Picchu with his daughter when she was 10.

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Backroads Mallorca Spain Spring Training Biking

I love cycling and pushing my physical limits, but I'll admit that my training tends to drop off around the holidays. Winter weather hits, I don't...

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