Monthly Archives: February 2017

7 Breathtaking Hikes in the U.S.

At Backroads we're lucky to admire the world from a wide range of elevations. I've surveyed the Backroads Trip Leader community and reflected on my own hiking memories to pick seven of the most breathtaking hikes in the United States. Each of these trails offers that "pinch me" scenery and an unforgettable challenge. Plan one a year or one a month! But don't go without seeing these iconic vistas.

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Witnessing History – Conversations in Cuba

I feel fortunate to be here now. I feel fortunate to be working for Backroads, a company that doesn't gloss over the realities of the world but instead offers its guests a closer, authentic and unfiltered look. Cuba and its people have now become something personal to me - more than news headlines and pages in a history book. It's the taxi driver, the pigeon-flyer, the port foreman and all the others who have helped me paint this beautiful portrait in my mind of a vibrant country full of hopeful people marching toward an uncertain future.

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Our Family Trip to Cuba: A Guest’s Perspective

One of the most iconic and expected experiences of a trip to Cuba is the chance to ride in a brightly painted, impeccably cared for classic 1950s convertible. What you might not expect is the pure rush of excitement you feel sliding into the back seat. It was one of my favorite memories of our family trip to Cuba.

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