Backroads Myanmar Trips As Myanmar welcomes back travelers, we're excited to bring you two trips—biking or walking & hiking—that immerse you in the country's idyllic scenery, multifaceted culture and warmhearted people. With us, you'll enjoy authentic discoveries off the tourist-trod path.

Reserve: Biking | Walking & Hiking



Backroads Ecuador and Galapagos Trips Savor unparalleled hiking, cultural immersion and wildlife watching in Ecuador! Discover rich traditions and epic landscapes in the highlands. Then journey with naturalists among the Galápagos Islands for up-close encounters with remarkable creatures. Choose from classic or family multisport or try our new walking trip.

Reserve: Classic Multisport | Family Multisport | Walking & Hiking


Backroads Panama Trips What will have you saying ¡vámonos! to a tropical vacation this winter? The suggestion of a fun-filled, action-packed adventure in Panama! Our new walking trip promises wonderful times among the vines in one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. Or choose a classic or family multisport trip.

Reserve: Classic Multisport | Family Multisport | Walking & Hiking



Backroads Cuba Trips Join our People-to-People Educational Exchange in Cuba to learn firsthand about this enigmatic island nation. These special Insider trips bring you everyday life through the eyes of local Cubans while you offer your own insights in a meaningful interaction. Choose from classic, family or family breakaway.

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