Backroads Private Trips

Why Go With Backroads

Unique Private Trips Experience Matters We bring 36 years of expertise to your Private Trip. You can count on Backroads to have a strong and continuing presence in every area we run Private Trips.

No Subcontractors Your Private Trip will never be subcontracted to another outfit. Beware of other companies that take your business and pass you off to another company.

Trip Leaders Your wish is their command. Guests who have traveled with other outfitters tell us that the Backroads leaders are our greatest asset.

On-Trip Support Two vans and three leaders support all abilities and interests.*

For all of these reasons and many more, Backroads hosts more Private and Custom Trip guests than most of our competitors combined.

*95% of Backroads guests travel with two or more support vehicles, and three Backroads leaders or support staff. The other 5% are on scheduled trips with very few guests where just one van and two leaders can maintain our high service standards.

The Clock's Ticking

The sooner you get the wheels in motion on your Private Trip plans, the sooner we'll be able to reserve your date and start the behind-the-scenes orchestration. Believe it or not, a year ahead isn't too early to ensure your number one choice for dates and destination. So give us a call at 800-462-2848 as soon as possible.