Backroads Private Trips

Invite Your Friends & Family on a Private Trip

You can pick from a large selection of dates for your group of 8 or more*.

Don't wait to call—to ensure the best pricing and the widest date selection as you rally your group call 800-462-2848 now! It's risk free—your deposit is 100% refundable while you gather your group.

"If you've thought about enjoying one of our trips as a private departure but assumed it would be too complicated, we've made it incredibly simple. Just choose a trip that works for you and your group, and you can have it all to yourselves—to share your own special experiences and create your own unique memories."

–Tom Hale, Backroads Founder & President
Anywhere, Anytime. The Choice Is Yours!
Take your pick from over 3,000 Backroads departures worldwide—choose any open date and it's yours for your group of 8 or more*.

We Have What You Want
Other companies may tout the ease of booking a Private Trip any time of year, but the truth is that the best accommodations around the world are booked a year or more in advance—by us! If the outfitter hasn't reserved the hotel space, let alone designed the itinerary, they are left scrambling to cobble together an inferior trip.

Why Book Early?
It's simple, the earlier you book the better the trip selection. And you and your group will welcome the extra planning time we provide the further out you book.

Private Doesn't Mean Pricey
Groups of 12* or more will pay a lower price than if everyone had signed up individually! Regardless of group size, private does not mean pricey at Backroads. You'll find a per-person price range for Private Trips alongside every trip listed in our catalog and on the web.

There's Room to Grow (or Shrink)
We're flexible. What if you add more people after booking, or someone drops out? Or what if you have fewer than 8 guests? No problem. Your group can grow or shrink and we have simple solutions—with no costly surprises.

The Backroads Difference
Backroads delivers unsurpassed quality that no other company can match. Check out the Backroads Quality Index to see how we've been setting the standard for 36 years.

Custom Trips
While our Private Trips are hard to beat, sometimes Custom is the way to go. We've created one-of-a-kind trips for 2 to over 500 guests. If you want to create a Custom Trip—with adjusted pricing—give us a call.

* Does not apply to River Cruise departures. Camping, Singles-Solos, Yellowstone/Tetons Trips and departures during the last two weeks of December require 16 or more guests.