Private Family Trips in Mallorca

Private Trips for Families

Backroads Private Family Trips are incredible experiences for every member of the family. You have great opportunities to connect with your kids as you discover a new world together. You also get some welcome time on your own—and so do they!

Whether you're gathering a few of your favorite families or three generations of your own family, there's no greater reward to spend precious time with those you love.

Birtday Private tripFamily Reunion & Milestone Birthday

Nancy Farese organized the ultimate 50th birthday bash for her husband Bob—and gathered their clan from across the U.S. to join the fun! Bryce, Zion & Grand Canyon set the stage for 28 multi-generational family members to have the time of their lives camping, hiking, biking, exploring and enjoying one another's company.

Raved one happy camper: "Left to our own devices, we never could have accomplished this amount of activities. Nor have challenged ourselves as much. We enjoyed the entire experience and hold its memory dear!"

Family Private tripPrivate Trip for Three Families

"Excellent—great leaders, good hotels, great meals and entertainment and good biking and equipment! Thanks so much. We really appreciated the opportunity to put together our own trip of 3 families. The guides made sure that we were able to do what we wanted (including the kids, ages 12-20), and that made for a very rewarding trip. We also appreciated all the special touches Backroads offered: musicians at our fabulous final dinner in Cesky Krumlov, the special picnic along the Danube, the Austrian dancers, Helena and her informational evening in Cesky Krumlov, the impromptu rafting trip for the kids after a hot day of biking, etc. Our thoughtful guides made it all possible and we so appreciated their leadership!"
–Sara Howard, traveled on Czech Republic & Austria Biking