Congratulations to the winners of the 2012 Photo Contest!

This year's photo contest proved that our guests are amazing photographers. The 3 winning photos were selected from a field of over 5,000 images revealing the natural splendor, cultural sights and spontaneous moments on Backroads trips.

First place is awarded to Matthew Sloane from Canadian Rockies Multisport.

Guest Photo Contest Winner
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Photographer's Notes
Taking a photo is so much more than pointing and shooting. It involves patience, technique, and good luck. This photo certainly came out of good luck. As we walked around the corner to the initial view of Lake Moraine there was a lot of cloud coverage and wet conditions. After a trip with ideal biking and hiking weather, this was a day that just wouldn't let up. However, as we moved along the trail there was a break in the clouds and the sun peaked through just enough to show the majesty of the lake. I quickly grabbed my camera and took this one and only shot. Luck, pure luck.

Second place goes to
Dale Barkey from
India Biking.

India Biking
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Photographer's Notes
This scene was typical of our ride through the Rajasthan countryside. In the fields and along the roads we often saw women in such brightly colored clothing. Many people greeted us with smiles. Children ran up to the roadside and waved. These women came around the corner with their bundles of wood, and I managed one snap from the bike as my wife Deborah passed the group. I was delighted that it captured the interaction so well.

Third place goes to
Garner Bornstein from
Pyrenees to Costa Brava Biking.

Spain Biking
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Photographer's Notes
This picture was taken of my friend, Jason Paul Godfrey, who my wife and I met on this trip and have since stayed in touch with along with his wife Kaitlin. The photo was taken on the way back down from the Els Angela Climb option on day 4 of our trip. I was experimenting with some slow shutter speed shots and asked Jason to speed by while I panned the camera to follow his movement. Settings were f22 at 1/10sec with 105mm focal length.

Also, congratulations to Stephanie Pappas, who won the $200 Patagonia gift certificate for participating in the contest voting!

We invite you to enter the Backroads Photo Contest. Good luck!