Two Support Vans

Two Dedicated Support Vans

Our unrivaled van support ensures that you spend your time enjoying your trip—especially those unscripted moments that make active travel so rewarding—and not waiting for the lone van to show up.

You may already know from venturing out on your own how travel can sometimes be reduced to a bunch of logistical decisions, which aren't always the easiest to navigate when you're somewhere new. In fact, when you're traveling on your own, the logistical challenges can replace the travel as the most "memorable" part of the trip; you come back with funny stories, but you didn't see as much of the place as you hoped. Enter Backroads. We're the masters of logistics, and have the breadth of operations to prove it.

Support Van and leadersTwo Is the Magic Number

Other companies often have only one van. With Backroads there are always two* (or more when needed). That's the magic number for standard-setting support. With two vans we really can be two places at once. While one van might be delivering a delicious picnic, the second van is free to support guests who prefer biking or hiking at a slower or a faster pace.

Leader Support VanHow Much Do You Want?

Enjoy the amount of activity you like—at your own pace, always with the option to change your mind as the day unfolds. We know you may welcome some time to yourself while you're out exploring. But when you need us, we're there. Want a snack or a cold drink? Left your map behind? Need someone to transport a treasure you've collected along the way? Looking for a lift up the next hill—or back to the hotel or campground? You can always count on exceptional support from your three Backroads leaders. They've got the wheels to deliver it.

*95% of Backroads guests travel with two or more support vehicles, and three Backroads leaders or support staff. The other 5% are on scheduled trips with very few guests where just one van and two leaders can maintain our high service standards.