Mixed Abilities Celebrated

We're the Experts at Supporting Mixed Abilities

YOUR PACE, ALWAYS SUPPORTED Very few travelers share exactly the same expectations, interests and ability level, even if—maybe especially if—they're close in other ways. For some active travel companies this can be a real challenge. They design their trips for a narrow ability range and can't handle the rest of the spectrum, let alone a whole mix of abilities. Not so with Backroads. We ensure that every guest, whatever his or her ability level, enjoys a uniquely personal travel experience. Looking for a longer ride, while your companion prefers a leisurely morning spin, then maybe a stroll in the village or some spa time? Or is it vice versa? At Backroads we cater to everyone's priorities, so you each enjoy a trip that easily matches your style.

How We Support Mixed Abilities

Backroads Trips TWO VANS We're there—where and when you need us. On many trips we'll even have three vans.

THREE LEADERS More leaders means we can be in more places at once, supporting everyone.

MULTIPLE DAILY ROUTES Each option is thoughtfully designed for a specific ability level.

DETAILED DIRECTIONS Without them, "going at your own pace" is an illusion. Don't be forced to follow others to find your way, especially at their pace.

PERFECT RENDEZVOUS SPOTS Whichever route you're on, it's easy to regroup for a special event, then diverge again to do your own thing.

FELLOW TRAVELERS The right number of people to ensure company (if you want it) along the road or trail—whether Classic, Family, Family Breakaway or Singles-Solos.

GREAT BIKES Expertly designed and selected for each trip and for your riding orientation: Backroads Custom Titanium, Specialized S-Works performance race models, Electric-Assist and Co-Motion tandem.

FLEXIBLE LAYOVER DAYS You can relax or do some exploring between great point-to-point rides or walks.

*Over 95% of Backroads guests on scheduled departures travel with two or more support vehicles and three Backroads leaders or support staff. Fewer than 5% are on scheduled trips where the small number of guests requires just one van and two leaders to maintain our high service standards, or on select Walking & Hiking Trips where our routes are a combination of loop hikes and out-&-back trails that allow two leaders and fewer vans to provide excellent trail support.