Backroads Fellow Travelers

5 Ways For You to Choose Your Fellow Travelers

Trip Camaraderie DiningYou may find some companies singing the praises of traveling in a very small group. That works when you've handpicked your very best friends for a private trip. Otherwise, you may find yourself going crazy with the constraints that a very small group puts on you: there's one van, it's leaving at one time and you're all in it. You're sitting with the same people every night at dinner, and although pleasant, not necessarily captivating after the fifth dinner.

Encouraged, supported and inspired by like-minded travelers, you discover extraordinary places in a different way than you would if you were exploring on your own. The common bond: A passion for discovery and a deep appreciation for the defining moment, be it a gorgeous sunset or the perfect cappuccino at a charming café in some faraway corner of the world.


Backroads Classic Trips attract a refreshingly diverse group, though it's easy to find the common thread: a love of exploring new landscapes and cultures while staying active and having fun. Like you, they're adventurous spirits who want to pursue the best life has to offer.


Whether you are single or traveling without your partner, our Singles-Solos Trips invite you to explore amazing places on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. Getting out there and exploring the world is so much more fun when you're enjoying the camaraderie of other interesting, engaging and inquisitive folks!


Backroads families come in all shapes, sizes and ages. Our Family Trips offer incredible experiences for every member of the family, and the opportunity to bond with your kids as you discover a new world together. Plus you'll be amazed at the connection you make with other families and the instant camaraderie among the younger set. You also get some welcome time on your own—and so do the kids.

Family Breakaway NEW!

Big adventures for families with older teens and 20-somethings who are increasingly sophisticated, active and curious. Other families on our Family Breakaway Trips will be in similar life stages—with at least one older teen or 20-something—whether sending kids to college, welcoming them home for breaks, commemorating graduations or celebrating 18th or 21st milestone birthdays.


Give yourself the ultimate luxury—a week reconnecting with people you care about the most, on a Backroads Private Trip! And it's now easier than ever to plan your private getaway. Give us a call before December 31 for the best pricing and the widest date selection.