Backroads Group Size

The Right Trip Size

Trip Camaraderie DiningYou may find some companies singing the praises of traveling in a very small group. That works when you've handpicked your very best friends for a private trip. Otherwise, you may find yourself going crazy with the constraints that a very small group puts on you: there's one van, it's leaving at one time and you're all in it. You're sitting with the same people every night at dinner, and although pleasant, not necessarily captivating after the fifth dinner.

You can expect a good number and great mix of guests when you travel with Backroads. They offer the perfect camaraderie whether you're traveling as a couple, a family, with some of your favorite friends, or solo.

Encouraged, supported and inspired by like-minded travelers, you discover extraordinary places in a different way than you would if you were exploring on your own. The common bond: A passion for discovery and a deep appreciation for the defining moment, be it a gorgeous sunset or the perfect cappuccino at a charming café in some faraway corner of the world.