Celebration Trip Guest Reviews

Guest Reviews: Celebration Trips


"This was a trip of a lifetime! We planned this trip to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. This trip made our anniversary celebration absolutely unforgettable!"

Peggy Morrill - Shaumburg, IL

"This was our 10th Anniversary and we had the greatest experience. The trip beat our expectations."

Carol Crincoli - Linden, NJ

"You all made our 20th anniversary something we will never forget! We are recommending Backroads to all of our friends and hope to travel with you again in the future."

Franky Voss - Muncie, IN

"Our trip was to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary, booked as a "surprise" for my husband, Calvin. It was absolutely delightful in every way! From the organization of your company in pre-trip performance, up to the final goodbye, we had nothing but wonderful weather, tremendous service and outstanding activity."

Becky Babcock

"This was our first Backroads adventure. It exceeded our hopes for anything we could have imagined. Our leaders were among the most considerate, responsible, easy to get along with and all around excellent leaders of any trips we have taken. The experience was remarkable in every aspect from the itinerary, sights, meals, local guides and more. Several guests on our trip were Backroads "veterans" and we now see why! We had such fun and returned home feeling so healthy and invigorated that we cannot wait to choose another trip, bring our family and recommend Backroads to friends. This trip was our gift to ourselves, for our 30th wedding anniversary, the experience you design and the optimal quality of that experience that your leaders ensured made it the best gift possible! Thank you!"

Deborah McDonald - Herndon, VA

"Our 50th anniversary family trip was absolutely wonderful. I never looked at anyone at any time that they didn't have a big smile on their face. Our group consisted of folks from Ironman to couch potato abilities and we were all satisfied!"

Linda Goodwin - Frisco, CO

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"It was a wonderful trip. The area is beautiful, the biking challenging, the food excellent. The trip leaders made the week even more special. They were great. I celebrated my birthday on the trip and they made it a great day, decorating the bike, making cupcakes, and singing at dessert. Of my six trips with Backroads, this was probably the best."

Wendy Torri - St. Louis, MO

"This was the perfect way to celebrate a birthday. Loads of exercise, fabulous food, wonderful scenery & good company. You just can't beat a Backroads trip!"

Jacqueline Clements - Toronto, ON

"This trip did exactly what I wanted it to do: it made me feel like a kid again. I, along with my best friend, both turned 40 this year, and this trip was our reward. I left my wife and child at home, totally disengaged with work, and showed up on the trip. For one great week, my cares were behind me and I felt 15 years old again."

Joshua King - Hartford CT

"Every moment of the trip was stellar except one: the moment when it had to end. I could have kept doing this forever. The leaders were exceptional and inspirational, the scenery was stunning, the attention to detail and logistics was perfect, and the other group members were terrific, and all bonded together immediately thanks in large part to the spark and leadership of our leaders. In addition to the overall sparkling trip experience, I had what could have been a traumatic event—my 50th birthday—transformed into a magical event thanks to our leaders. A bike festooned with wrapping paper, ribbons and balloons in the morning and then flowers at the end of a spectacular ride—it was perfect. It may sound a bit melodramatic to say this trip was a transformative experience...but it was."

Paula Froke - New York, NY

"To celebrate my 50th birthday, I waited for two years to save enough money to take this trip and it was worth it!!! It was an incredible experience for our family. I thank you Backroads! It was the first time in years that my husband engaged in all the activities and actually relaxed. It was a trip of a lifetime and we loved every minute. I must credit all three guides for making our trip so meaningful and special. Everything they did was put forward with passion and love of life. They worked really hard but never showed it. Instead they shared their joy and kind spirit. And their enthusiasm for what they do was contagious. We all enjoyed their energy and good fun. Thanks again for an incredible trip."

Liz Sode - Chicago, IL

"This trip was in celebration of my 50th birthday. It was everything I hoped for and more—and I had very high expectations, so that is saying something! Backroads made traveling to an exotic country user-friendly and exciting. We felt that we were able to see and do things that we could never have organized on our own. It is clear that Backroads has done an exceptional job of cultivating local relationships so that they can offer unique and meaningful experiences to their guests."

Dhuane Stephens - New York, NY

"My brother and I turned age 50 this year. We decided to take a trip together as brothers. I had wanted to take a Backroads trip for several years after hearing of the company from a co-worker and after having reviewed catalogs for several years. I suggested the trip to my brother who agreed. This trip fulfilled everything I hoped for and more. I spent a lot of quality time with Jeff on the trail without having to worry about anything. The location was 'off the charts,' the friendliness and directions of leaders were 'off the chart' and the friendship of our fellow travelers just added to the overall quality of the trip. I cannot wait until my next trip!"

Craig Pett - Suwanee, GA

"My week in the Canyon lands definitely exceeded all my expectations and was a wonderful way to celebrate my birthday. I will never forget finding my bike decorated with balloons and ribbons! The leaders made my 50th birthday an experience I'll always remember."

Jackie Shoener - Sewickley PA

"I want to send a special appreciation to Backroads for making my 60th birthday just a joyous week-long event. You certainly helped me demonstrate to myself and to the world that 60 can feel closer to 30 than to 70(!) if you just give it a chance."

Ellen Pechman - Bethesda, MD

"Celebrating my 69th birthday on a bike with great people, superb guides, and gorgeous scenery couldn't have been better!"

Emily Oetjen - New Haven, CT

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Family Reunions:

"The occasion for our Backroads trip was a family reunion/golden anniversary celebration. The Canadian Rockies was a magnificent venue, and the multisport activities were fun and challenging. Our leaders were expert, friendly, knowledgeable, and very anticipatory of our needs. They helped make the entire trip memorable. Indeed, our Backroads trip will be a certain touchstone for everyone in my family. Thank you so much."

Gene Kwong - Redlands CA

"What a wonderful trip! We worried in advance of the ability of Backroads to accommodate our muti-generational needs (9-year-old to 80+ grandmother), but you delivered a great trip for all of us. We got a terrific overall view of the country, its culture, heritage, history, geography and natural history with some magical and memorable highlights. The Trip Leaders did a wonderful job—they had a great mix of skill sets and personalities. Our local guide was a tremendous asset to our trip!! He was so knowledgeable, WONDERFUL with kids and a great teacher—his enthusiasm and eagerness to share his country, its wonders and its history with us was contagious! We all LOVED Izzy! Overall we were DELIGHTED with our first Backroads experience—count on us to return!"

Carol Welsh - Portsmouth NH

"This was a trip of a lifetime for my extended family. Having to part with our fabulous leaders was painful, and none of us wanted to say good-bye to them. Our families were pulled even closer by our week of adventures in Alaska—this trip will be talked about for years (and the stories will get better and better!) In the nine Backroads trips my husband and I have taken, this team of leaders was right up at the top. They are truly remarkable people and so much fun to be with. And Alaska itself is simply stunning—not to be missed!"

Sally Taylor - Hartford, CT

"We were a family group of 11—grandparents, kids and grandkids. It was such a fabulous trip for all of us, just the right balance of nature, activities, food and free time. This trip had something for every generation!! To see my kids ahead of me and my parents behind me zip-lining through the rainforest was a thrill and a memory to last a lifetime! My kids loved the nature as much as the activities and my parents loved the activities as much as the nature. My husband and I just loved everything! The guides were wonderful, as always and the guys supporting in the vans were incredible."

Karen Dern - Boca Raton, FL

"Great trip...exceeded our expectations...our family includes 18, 23, 53 and 54 year olds and we all enjoyed! Great leaders...great job. Wonderful time!"

Lenore Treiman - Sarasota, FL

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"We went on the Dolomites multisport trip for our honeymoon. People asked us why we would want to do a Backroads trip as our honeymoon—they said that it seemed like a lot of work for a honeymoon. They were so wrong! Our leaders went out of their way to make this the best week of my life!!! THANK YOU."

Jennifer Corrigan - Boulder, CO

"This was our honeymoon, and I cannot think of a better way to have spent it. The leaders were among the best I have ever encountered and then managed to enhance what would have in itself been a magnificent trip. From the educational aspects to the food to the hiking, everything was perfection! Thanks again, Backroads!"

Linda Wilkerson - Minnetonka, MN

"First, let me say thank you!!! This was our honeymoon and we decided that just this once we'd really splurge and let someone else do the planning—figuring that we probably won't allow ourselves this kind of luxury again until we hit another major milestone. But the trip was so incredible that we just might be addicted to Backroads and totally unable to travel on our own ever again! Since this was our first time using an 'active travel company,' we did a lot of research to find the right trip—so we know that there's a ton of competition out there—but based on our experience in the Dolomites, I can't imagine any company doing a better job."

Shelly Karns - West Chester, PA

"This trip was our honeymoon and we truly lived the dolce vita! We hope to do more with you someday soon (maybe an upcoming anniversary.) Grazie to our excellent leaders. They knew a lot but had a very laid back approach...perfect for someone who loves to travel but is not too into the big, touristy group trips. Well done!"

Lori Hinton - Seattle, WA

"This trip was a wonderful trip for our honeymoon! The region is gorgeous, the food is fabulous and Backroads does a great job taking care of you! It is hard to imagine traveling any other way."

Marc Biondi - Washington, DC

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