Photo & Video Contests: Enter to Win

Be A Backroads Photographer and/or Videographer

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Backroads invites past and present guests to submit digital photographs and/or videos of their Backroads trip(s) for the annual photo and video contests. View tips & specs.

There are three Grand Prize winners for both the photo and video contests: 1st place wins $3,000 in trip credit, 2nd place wins $2,000 in trip credit and 3rd place wins $1,000 in trip credit. You can redeem your trip credit immediately by calling one of our Trip Consultants and booking your next trip. Credit is applicable to any Backroads trip of your choosing and will never expire.

In addition to the three Grand Prize winners, Backroads may choose to use additional photo/video contest entries in our publications or on our website at any time during the year. Photographers/Videographers will be reimbursed $250 in trip credit by Backroads for purchase and all future use of that image or video. Trip credit is applicable to any Backroads trip and will never expire.

Each guest may submit a maximum of 25 photos and/or 10 videos per trip. You may submit photos/videos from more than one trip, from any past trip. Photos must be in JPEG format. Videos must be 2 minutes or less. Contest winners are chosen annually. Submissions for the 2015 contests are due by December 31, 2015. Winners will be notified by February 14, 2016. (Submissions arriving after December 31, 2015 will automatically be entered in the 2016 contests.)

Guests: submit your photos/videos now!

Leaders: submit your field photos/videos (not for contest).

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