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September, 2013
A Better Way to See the World
New Experiences, New Perspectives & Family FUN...


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  Backroads 35 anniversaryIt's been more than three decades since we started exploring the planet actively—and sharing that passion with our guests. And during the past 35 incredible years, we've kept our promise of redefining what a family vacation can be and bringing you a better way to discover and connect with the world.
  Dear Traveler,

Back to school...back to reality! Kids are back in the classroom, but we wouldn't be surprised if they were daydreaming of the big ole' world to explore away from the textbooks. We get it! And we're convinced that some of the greatest learning takes place beyond the indoor classroom. We wholeheartedly believe that Backroads-style travel is one of the greatest teachers of all. Delving into the heart of a destination, meeting artists, scientists and storytellers. Exploring history where it actually took place, real botany, zoology up-close, yes...even "food-ology" at dinner each evening. The possibilities for new perspectives are endless.

Whether discovering natural wonders in a Costa Rican jungle, immersing yourself in fascinating culture in France or witnessing geology in action at a Hawaiian volcano or Yellowstone geyser—when you explore actively as a family, you connect more deeply with the world. And with each other! Plus, did we mention it's a whole lot of FUN? We consistently witness kids (and parents) having such an amazing time on Backroads trips, they have no idea how much they're learning in the process.

So what are you waiting for? Join Backroads and treat your kids to an experience they'll treasure forever.

Hope to see you out there!
Alison Iles Signature
Alison Iles
Family Trips Manager, mother of two,
with Backroads since 1990

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Costa Rica multisport photo
Costa Rica Multisport
Family Adventures in Paradise

Do you have a budding biologist under your roof? Our Costa Rica getaways feature nature-viewing at its finest. Alongside local naturalists, experience several of the country's precious ecosystems firsthand. Bask on untouched beaches, venture through lush jungles and witness wildlife at every turn.
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Dalmatian Coast multisport photo
Dalmatian Coast Multisport
101 Ways to Play in Croatia's Dalmatian Islands

Bike, hike and island-hop with Backroads in glorious Dalmatia, beloved for its brilliant Adriatic waters and sun-splashed villages brimming with history and culture. The most intriguing stretch of coast—between Split and Dubrovnik—is the setting for this unforgettable multisport adventure.
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Hawaii multisport photo
Hawaii's Big Island Multisport
Big-Time Adventure from Coast to Crater

A stunning natural classroom and playground, Hawaii brings out the kid in everyone. This trip showcases the Big Island's diversity with an array of thrilling activities, from biking and walking to paddling and snorkeling. Kids will love exploring a volcano crater and a mysterious lava tube.
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Loire Valley biking photo
Loire Valley Biking
Fun in France's Regal Touraine

While biking in the Loire Valley, your teen can discover that he really did learn something in that 5th-period French class. Visit magnificent castles, discover the town of Chinon and its historic ties to Joan of Arc, walk in the footsteps of Leonardo da Vinci and view models of his creations.
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Panama multisport photo
Panama Multisport
Tropical Fun from the Canal to the Highlands & Islands

What's not to adore about this carefree, fun-filled, action-packed multisport adventure? It's loaded with opportunities for bird-watching, wildlife-spotting, boat rides, beach time, cultural immersion and more. Special activities like snorkeling, a scavenger hunt and playing with the local kids are sure to be a hit with the younger crowd.
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Yellowstone and Tetons multisport photo
Yellowstone & Tetons Multisport
Discover the Wonders of Wyoming's Wild Preserves

You name it, this trip has it. Activities for all? You bet, from biking to rafting. Natural wonders? Think sawtooth mountains, thundering waterfalls and gushing geysers. Wildlife? You'll spot lots. Kids welcome? Sure thing—bring the whole gang!
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