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Land of Beauty and Beasts—an Adventurer's Natural Selection

Dear Traveler,

Michelle Muench Regional Manager Photo Five hundred-pound tortoises lumber across the volcanic landscape while blue-footed boobies perform a dance of seduction. Great frigate birds with six-foot wingspans soar like Triassic Period pterosaurs while curious penguins swim figure-eights among snorkelers. The weird and wonderful wildlife that intrigued Charles Darwin when he visited the Galápagos Islands in 1835 is still here. And to experience it firsthand is to feel a sense of joy and wonder in one of the world's last great wild places.

On this trip, you'll dive into the splendor of Ecuador and the Galápagos in true Backroads style: biking, hiking, swimming, kayaking, snorkeling and exploring to your heart's content. We boat between islands and sleep in comfortable retreats on land. Discover the wonders of Mother Nature while a local naturalist joins us to share his wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm for this remote and magical place. And you'll have ample time to stretch your legs on the beach, relax at our lodges and stroll in laid-back port towns. We'll also introduce you to the remarkable diversity of Ecuador's highlands—with a vibrant culture and rich history, and glorious landscapes, from the snowcapped Andes to majestic volcanoes.

From start to finish, this incredible trip has evolved into one of our most popular Latin America itineraries—a natural selection for anyone who dreams of actively experiencing the wonders of Ecuador's highlands and islands.

Can't wait to have you out there with us!

Michelle Muench Signature
Michelle Muench
Latin America Regional Manager, with Backroads since 2001

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Galapagos Andes Multisport photo
Galápagos & Andes Multisport
Ancient Culture & Wondrous Wildlife in Ecuador's Islands & Highlands

We invite you to join us on an incredible adventure, hiking and pedaling through emerald fields and eucalyptus forests as condors ride the thermals high above you. You'll discover traditional villages nestled amid volcano-studded highlands. Get to know the indigenous Otavaleño people as you barter for handicrafts in lively outdoor markets. Then journey to the marine sanctuary of the Galápagos for an experience like no other. Boat from island to island, explore pristine beaches, snorkel and swim with colorful fish, manta rays, penguins, sea lions and even Galápagos sharks. Ever see a blue-footed booby dance? Or a seaweed-eating iguana? Alongside an expert naturalist, we observe fascinating wildlife behaviors occur right before our eyes. The trip of a lifetime. Bienvenidos.

Trip Highlights:
  • Hike in the Andes with spectacular views of snowcapped mountains
  • Bike through small highland villages, where Otavaleño Indians continue centuries-old artisan traditions
  • Tour the studio of Miguel Andrango, one of Ecuador's foremost master weavers
  • Visit Condor Huasi, a center that reintroduces Andean condors into the wild
  • Enjoy incredible up-close wildlife viewing in the Galápagos with a naturalist guide
  • Snorkel and kayak with tropical fish, sea lions and white-tipped reef sharks
  • Kick back at welcoming historical haciendas and lodges, such as Hacienda Zuleta, where our host is Fernando Polanco, the great-grandson and grandson of former Ecuadorian presidents.

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