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Backroads Belize and Guatemala multisport trips


June 2014
A Better Way to See the World
Two New Latin American Journeys


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  Dear Traveler,

We're debuting two incredible multisport adventures that are sure to warm up your winter: Nicaragua & Costa Rica and Belize & Guatemala. Don't let the cold months of winter sneak up on you. NOW is the ideal time to start planning for some relaxation and fun in the tropical sun!

Dive in and have the time of your life with Backroads! Give us a call at 800-462-2848 - our Trip Consultants are available daily 6 a.m. - 6 p.m. PT. Or visit us online at www.backroads.com.

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Pam Fritz
Latin America Regional Manager, with Backroads since 1999

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Nicaragua and Costa Rica multisport photo
NEW Nicaragua & Costa Rica Multisport
From Cloud Forest to Volcanoes & the Pacific Coast

A glass of fresh tamarind juice in one hand. A forkful of ceviche de camarones in the other. Azure ocean waves within winking distance. Yes, it's definitely heaven—infused with a double dose of exotic adventure.
• It's all amazing—steaming volcanoes, dense jungle, cool cloud forest and one of the world's largest lakes
• Pedal around Ometepe Island, a breathtaking World Biosphere Reserve
• Beautiful hikes through nature reserves, then idyllic beach time by the Pacific Ocean
• White-water river rafting, kayaking and paddleboarding... take the plunge!
• Perfect the art of relaxation at three atmospheric eco-lodges

View the itinerary   Launches in Jan 2015
Belize and Guatamala multisport photo
NEW Belize & Guatemala Multisport
Wildlife-Rich Jungles, Maya Temples & the Barrier Reef

Belize and Guatemala will enchant you. From Maya ruins to rain forest trails overhung with orchids and verdant vines. It's a thrill that dives deep—like a plunge into the blue Caribbean—reemerging with every toucan's squawk and howler monkey's roar.
• Feel your heart skip a beat when you first enter the Maya city of Tikal, whose massive stone pyramids rival those of ancient Egypt
• Mountain bike past small Belizean farms and broadleaf forests teeming with exotic wildlife
• Learn about Belize and Guatemala’s rich blend of cultures, from Garifuna to Maya
• Grab your snorkel and float with rainbow-tinged fish above the world’s second-largest barrier reef
• Dine on delicious Caribbean specialties like conch fritters and lobster tail

View the itinerary   Launches in Jan 2015


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