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Backroads Cuba people-to-people educational exchange trips


July 2014
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  Backroads 35 anniversary"Your company continues to get better each time we adventure travel. It always offers unexpected pleasures and an out of the box experience."
–Neil Sullivan - Annapolis, MD

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  Dear Traveler,

Are you up for an extraordinary experience this holiday season? Look no further than our Cuba People-to-People Exchange trip—we still have some space in December and over the New Year's holiday. It's a journey that opens doors to immerse you in fascinating Cuban culture, compelling history, inspiring art and music and beautiful colonial architecture. You'll engage with educators and students, conservationists and community leaders, entrepreneurs and artists who are shaping the island-nation's rapidly evolving society.

This Cuba itinerary is part of our incredible collection of Insider Trips—adventures that take the Backroads experience even deeper, featuring easy walks and giving you more time to engage, connect and learn from our talented trip leaders and local experts. And starting in 2015, we're offering new Insider Trips in Costa Rica, Peru, Vietnam & Cambodia and Yellowstone & Tetons.

Visit us online at www.backroads.com or call 800-462-2848. Our Trip Consultants are available daily 6 a.m. - 6 p.m., Pacific time.

We hope to see you out there!
Michelle Muench Signature
Michelle Muench
Latin America Regional Manager, with Backroads since 1999

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Cuba educational exchange photo
Cuba People-to-People Educational Exchange
From the Rural Provinces to Historic Havana

• Legally travel to Cuba with Backroads on this special People-to-People Exchange
• Delve into Cuba's culture and history with insight from community members, business leaders, artists and educators
• Explore beautiful areas on foot and talk conservation with national park naturalists
• Every moment of this special itinerary is packed with memorable interactions with the local people

View the itinerary
Costa Rica insider trip photo
Costa Rica Insider
From Cloud Forest & Volcano to the Caribbean Coast

• Experience an exotic warm-weather destination refreshingly close and easy to access!
• Walk amid a fascinating diversity of wildlife, from algae-covered sloths to brilliantly plumed birds
• Stroll through a misty cloud forest while a local naturalist treats you an in-depth introduction to this fragile ecosystem
• Savor the tropical waters, from soothing geothermal springs to the spray of spectacular waterfalls

View the itinerary
Peru Insider photo
Peru Insider
Cusco, the Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu

• Walk with a local expert who unveils the Spanish Colonial history of vibrant Cusco
• Partake in exclusive Backroads cultural activities—witness age-old shaman ceremonies and master weavers at work
• Learn secrets of traditional Peruvian cooking at a local family's home and at a special event with a celebrated chef
• Feel the energy of the apukuna (mountain spirits) as you explore mysterious Machu Picchu

View the itinerary
Vietnam and Cambodia Insider photo
Vietnam & Cambodia Insider
Old Indochina from Hanoi to Angkor Wat

• Gain an insider's perspective from our local guides, longtime Backroads friends who bring these cultures to life
• Walk in Hoi An, a 2nd-century fishing village that now blends modern luxury with its dynamic history
• Cruise and kayak on heavenly Halong Bay and explore Cambodia's magnificent Angkor Wat ruins
• You're in for a treat—indulge in some of the most delicious and distinctive cuisine in Asia

View the itinerary
Yellowstone and Tetons Insider trips photo
Yellowstone & Tetons Insider
Intimate Encounters in the Western Wilderness

• Explore with regional experts and seasoned Backroads leaders who know this glorious landscape from all angles
• Stroll beneath the Tetons' peaks, feeling humbled by their sheer physical presence
• Float the Snake River past pristine forests and expansive mountain views while river guides share rich knowledge and intriguing local lore
• Walk with a Yellowstone geologist for up-close encounters with the spouting, spewing, bulging and gurgling earth

View the itinerary


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