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July, 2013
A Better Way to See the World
Spain's Gran Canaria & Tenerife Islands


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Do you have a list of rides you dream of doing at least once in your life? It's about to get longer. Because the Canary Islands—a pilgrimage destination for virtually every European cyclist—are now on your radar. During six glorious days this winter, savor the most perfect spring-like climate and finest cycling roads imaginable. Though these routes might push you physically, they'll also give your senses a full workout. Views of volcanic mountains, lush forests and dramatic seaside. The sweet chorus of whirring wheels. Meals savored all the more after a day on the saddle. And the balm for your hard-working muscles? Chill-out time on the beach, of course—this is, after all, your vacation.

Hope to see you in the Canaries this winter!
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Mark Selcon
Regional Manager Spain, with Backroads since 2003

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Trip Highlights
• Enjoy a heavenly year-round climate and nearly perfect roads—a stellar wintertime escape for bicyclists of all persuasions.
• Explore Gran Canaria, a stunning island of jagged peaks, lush tropical vegetation, steep granite cliffs and endless white-sand beaches.
Pedal cliff-hugging roads that emerge above swirling mist to reveal moonscapes and volcanoes; in green valleys, you'll find vast groves of almond trees and tropical fruit.
• Be surrounded by white-sand beaches and turquoise waters near one of Gran Canaria's more unusual sights—Sahara-esque sand dunes.
• Discover Tenerife, home to the magnificent 12,000-foot Mount Teide volcano. A national park and World Heritage site, Teide and its crater-filled environs provide one of Europe's most unique environments for biking.
• Encounter beautiful old colonial cities like Garachico, once covered in molten lava from a 1706 eruption, and now brimming with cobblestone lanes, balconied mansions and colorful gardens.
• Two-wheel it over dramatic terrain, with cliffs plunging straight into the ocean and plenty of thrilling switchbacks to keep you on your toes!
• Taste unique regional wines born from high-elevation vineyards, rich volcanic soils and an uncommon variety of grapes.

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spacer Straight Talk The Canary Islands are Europe's premiere winter sun destination for those looking to escape the chill back home. Though you won't find much of the usual European cultural element, the scenery is spectacular and reminiscent of national parks found in the American Southwest with high deserts, canyons and cacti—all wrapped in Hawaiian islands-type weather for an absolutely perfect vacation feel.

With massive volcanoes as their centerpieces, the islands are not remotely flat. They include many climbs and descents. We'll flatten some of the hills with strategic shuttles to give you a boost (and to bypass some busier areas), but you need to be comfortable with some pretty long downhills or hopping in the van.

While the hotels are quite nice (four nights Premiere and one night Casual), they're not typical of the Backroads experience. Two of the hotels are larger resorts with full spas. Most dinners tend toward a local buffet-style affair; it's simply what they do in the Canary Islands.

All this to say, we're thrilled to offer this amazing winter bike trip even though it has elements quite different than most of our European bike trips.


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