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February 2014
A Better Way to See the World
Adventures in the Land of the Midnight Sun


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Embrace your inner Viking and indulge your passion for adventure in the Land of the Midnight Sun. Whether you choose to explore Iceland or Norway, yours will be a journey of epic scenery and exhilarating adventure. Your very own Norse saga come to life! Be awed by the sight of some of the planet's most remarkable natural treasures, from thundering waterfalls and active volcanoes to pristine fjords and sapphire-blue glaciers. Connect with our local friends as you discover the fascinating culture and heritage of the Nordic people. And marvel at summertime's "white nights," courtesy of the midnight sun.

If you're dreaming of escaping the crowds on a getaway that's quite different from the usual European vacation, look no further than these extraordinary Backroads adventures.

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We hope to see you out there this summer,
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Iceland Walking & Hiking
Natural Wonders of the Southern Coast

Warmed by the Gulf Stream just south of the Arctic Circle, the natural world's most astounding wonders share the limelight—or midnight sun. Iceland is brimming with brilliant colors, striking contrasts, crisp air and incredible energy. Of course Viking sagas of mythic proportions emerged here. Your own epic may also materialize as you trek across ice, sand, water and lava. A vacation doesn't get any more wonder-full.

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Iceland multisport photo
Iceland Multisport NEW!
Exploration at the Edge of the Arctic Circle

In the ancient stomping ground of the Vikings, you'll zip around icebergs in Zodiac boats, trek on lava beds and journey by "super jeep" near an active volcano. You'll gaze at geysers and hike to a seabird sanctuary. Soak in geothermal pools near frigid waterfalls. Inhale some of the cleanest air on the planet... And that's just the tip of the iceberg! Come discover Iceland at its beautiful, rugged and mythical best.

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Norway walking and hiking photo
Norway Walking & Hiking
Mountains, Glaciers & Fjords

Norway welcomes you with friendly people, beautiful scenery and a gloriously unique perspective. After vigorous hikes past waterfalls, through pristine pine forests, colorful villages and serene valleys dotted with wildflowers, be humbled by Mother Nature's majesty as your ferry navigates through Europe's narrowest fjord and a World Heritage site—this is quintessential Norway!

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