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February 2014
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Are you just so over winter? Allow us to tempt you and your family with a decidedly non-wintery idea: six fun-filled days exploring Croatia's sunny Dalmatian Coast this summer! Climb aboard our traditional trabakul sailing vessel and island-hop amid brilliant Adriatic waters. Explore old-world villages, go sea kayaking in protected bays, and bike to untouched beaches where the swimming is incredible.

Every year, adventurous families discover just how great traveling with Backroads can be. We've designed our trips with the ideal blend of activities—lots for you to do together, tons of special kids-only diversions and even opportunities for grown-ups to do things on their own. If you've been kicking around the idea of traveling actively with your kids, now's the time to give it a try!

Can't wait to see you out there,
Alison Iles Signature
Alison Iles
Family Trips Manager & mother of two
with Backroads for 23 years

P.S. Traveling with older teens or twenty-somethings? Check out our collection of Family Breakaway Trips tailored specifically for families like yours.

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Dalmatian Coast Multisport photo
Dalmatian Coast Multisport: 101 Ways to Play in Croatia's Dalmatian Islands
You're surrounded. Sapphire waters to your left. Exquisite Renaissance façades on your right. Centuries-old cobblestones beneath your feet. Sun-drenched islands on the horizon. The fragrance of lavender and sweet mandarin oranges wafting from an outdoor market. A scenic morning ride, a swim at midday and an impossibly fresh seafood dinner. It's your new routine. How do you like it?

Trip Highlights:
• Experience the reborn Dalmatian Coast by bike, foot and kayak
• Croatia's fascinating history and culture
• Island-hop along the sunny Adriatic and splash in hidden coves
• The freshest seafood and local cuisine
• The exquisite World Heritage site of Dubrovnik

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