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December 2013
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  Dear Traveler,

Ready for the ride of your life? We've retooled our bike fleet, from frame to pedals. Whichever bike you choose, no matter what your cycling style, count on Backroads to deliver the absolute BEST experience you'll have on two wheels.

Check out what's new in 2014!
Tom Hale
Tom Hale
Founder and President

P.S. All 2014 Biking Trips are now online! To book your trip, call 800-462-2848; we're here to speak with you daily from 6 am to 6 pm, PT.
Titanium Road Bike
NEW Backroads Titanium Road Bike
Included in your trip price
• Our new custom-built Titanium bike features a completely redesigned frame and weighs two pounds less than its predecessor.
• Choose to drop two more pounds and improve performance even further with an optional Shimano RS81 carbon fiber/alloy wheelset upgrade ($100).
• Enjoy outstanding braking and shifting performance with an all-new component lineup, including an improved Shimano Ultegra 10-speed drivetrain.
• Other features include a full array of gearing with a triple chainring, ergonomic saddle, tires suited to the terrain and an adjustable handlebar stem to dial in your ideal ride position.
• We offer the same great custom bike whether you choose upright or drop handlebars; you can also opt for flat pedals, toe cages with straps or bring your own pedals.

Read more about our Titanium bike

On Multisport Trips, because we don't bike each day, we'll continue to use the completely overhauled bikes from our original fleet of custom Titanium bikes.
NEW Wheelset Upgrade
$100 rental fee
The standard Ti wheelset is best for most riders. For more experienced cyclists who are comfortable with a narrower wheel, upgrade to the lightweight Shimano RS81 carbon/alloy wheelset and you'll drop another two pounds off your Backroads custom Titanium bike.
Specialized S-Works Roubaix
NEW Specialized S-Works SL4 Roubaix
$400 rental fee
• Upgraded for 2014, the top-of-the-line S-Works model will launch your ride to the next level.
• The S-Works SL4 FACT 11r frame is the fastest and smoothest endurance bike available—incredibly light and engineered for a balanced and stable ride for cyclists of different sizes.
• Experience phenomenal acceleration with the super-light and efficient Roval Rapide CLX 40 carbon wheelset.
• Enjoy the legendary precision and shift quality of Shimano's 11-speed Dura-Ace components.
• Specialized's S-Works FACT compact carbon crankset and the vibration-damping COBL GOBL-R seat post reduce weight and add comfort to an already unparalleled ride.
• Dial in your fit with our range of saddle sizes and stems.
• If you've ever dreamed of touring on an $8,500+ pro-level bike, here's your chance!

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Specialized Ruby
NEW Specialized S-Works Ruby for Women
$400 rental fee
• Featuring the same outstanding new Dura-Ace components as the men's Roubaix, this pro-level speed machine is precisely designed for women.
• Includes short-reach brake levers, an anatomically contoured BG Oura Pro saddle and women's-specific ergonomic carbon handlebars, plus race-ready Dura-Ace carbon C24 wheels for optimal power transfer with all-day comfort.

Read more about the S-Works Ruby bike

Backroads Ebike
NEW Backroads Electric-Assist Bike
$300 rental fee
• Ideal for riders of different abilities who want to bike together without feeling forced to speed up or slow down.
• The intuitive battery-operated BionX "pedal-assist system" adds a bit of power to each pedal stroke.
• When climbing hills it augments your pedaling, and on flat terrain it responds intuitively with less power, allowing you to pedal as you would on any standard bike—when you stop pedaling, the system stops delivering assistance.
• Just like riding a regular bike you can't hear or smell it; the battery system is 100% silent, and there's no fuel being burned.

Read more about the Electric-Assist bike

Backroads Electric-Assist Bikes are recommended for activity levels 1-3 and some less hilly level 4 options. They are not meant for level 5 routes. Available only with upright handlebars for guests 18 or older.


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