Backroads Media Center: 2015 Fact Sheet

Who? Backroads, an active travel company, offers more than 2,500 scheduled departures in 2015, including Biking, Multisport, Walking & Hiking and Insider trips. Eighty percent of Backroads guests have traveled with Backroads before or were referred by a friend. Founded by Tom Hale in 1979, Backroads began as a small regional bike touring company, offering trips in the western United States and the Canadian Rockies and has grown to be the world's #1 active travel company, with the most destinations, itineraries and annual departures in the active vacation industry.

What? Backroads offers 246 itineraries for all ages and abilities in 45 countries and territories around the world. Backroads vacations are fully supported with three leaders and two vans that serve as mobile refreshment and bike repair centers, and offer lifts to guests who'd like a rest. A trailer carries all luggage and gear, leaving travelers free to explore under their own power, light in load and spirit. Guests on Premiere Inn trips stay at luxurious five-star hotels and dine on award-winning cuisine. Backroads' Casual Inn trips feature comfortable accommodations and meals at family-run eateries. Deluxe Camping trips are perfect for families who love the outdoors; parents get to relax and socialize while Backroads Trip Leaders prepare delicious hearty meals and handle all of the camp chores.

Backroads offers exclusive departures for families, single travelers and private groups.

When? Year-round

Where? Over 60 destinations worldwide, including 5 continents, 45 countries and territories, 4 Canadian provinces and 18 U.S. states.

Biking Trips
Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Israel, Ireland, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Turkey.
Latin America: Argentina, Brazil and Costa Rica.
Asia & the Pacific: Bali, Cambodia, China, Hawaii, India, Myanmar, New Zealand, Thailand and Vietnam.
North America: Alaska, Alberta, British Columbia, California, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, New Mexico, North Carolina, Nova Scotia, Oregon, Québec, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Vermont and Washington.

Multisport Trips
Croatia, Iceland and Switzerland.
Latin America: Belize, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama and Peru.
Africa, Asia & the Pacific: Bhutan, Botswana, Hawaii, Morocco, New Zealand and South Africa.
North America: Alaska, Alberta, Arizona, British Columbia, California, Florida, Georgia, Montana, Oregon, Québec, South Carolina, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

Walking & Hiking Trips
Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Norway, Spain and Switzerland.
Latin America: Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Panama and Peru.
Asia & the Pacific: Bhutan, Cambodia, Myanmar, New Zealand and Vietnam.
North America: Alaska, Alberta, British Columbia, California, Montana, New Mexico, North Carolina, Nova Scotia, Utah, Vermont, Washington and Wyoming.

Insider Trips
Latin America:
Costa Rica, Cuba and Peru.
Asia & the Pacific: Cambodia and Vietnam.
North America:
Tetons and Yellowstone.

Why? We've always believed that our blend of special destinations, activities and cultural connections is the better way to see the world. But what really sets us apart is our unwavering attention to quality, and most importantly, our superlative leaders, easily the best in the world of active travel. Check out the Backroads Quality Index and see what you can expect from us and how that compares, point by point, with what others offer.

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"I founded Backroads 35 years ago with the belief that traveling actively is the most authentic way to connect with the world. It's about immersing yourself in the life of a region, exploring its nuances and hidden corners while enjoying the enormous satisfaction of traveling under your own power. As my family, friends and everyone at Backroads knows too well, creating extraordinary trips is what I live and breathe."
–Tom Hale