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Berkeley, CA (January 2011) Nobody knows families like Backroads. Many active and adventure travel companies (most of them in fact) claim to be experts in family travel. Well, how can you be an expert when you run only a handful of trips a year? In the last decade alone, Backroads has run over 2,000 family trips.

While many active travel outfitters believe adding the word "Family" to an existing itinerary is good enough, Backroads knows it's not. The company pays keen attention to the details that matter most to families:

  • Enriching activities that open up a world of natural wonders and cultural diversity.

  • Trip leaders who not only love being around kids, but see the world through their eyes and communicate on their level.

  • Easygoing routes designed to suit kids' abilities and attention spans, with longer options for teens and adults.

  • A perfect balance of family together time and rejuvenating time apart.

  • And flexibility, essential when traveling with youngsters.

In 2011 Backroads will continue its tradition of offering the largest and most diverse collection of organized family trips in the active travel business, with 45 biking and multisport itineraries and 286 departures. As always, families can choose among luxury hotels, casual inns and deluxe camping to suit their style.

Backroads Rolls Out Four New Exciting Family Itineraries:

This year there's no better way to go green than with the Ireland Biking trip, brought to life by a cast of characters who call the Emerald Isle home: a farmer who lets the kids try their hand at sheep shearing; a whisky aficionado who introduces adults to the country's finest spirit, an innkeeper who welcomes guests like family, and a storyteller whose ability to spin a tale has created a legend of its own.

The Sicily Biking trip is full of "ings": biscotti making, gelato tasting, ceramics painting and a bit of spelunking, not to mention oodles of easygoing riding. And adults will enjoy their fair share of activity too: biking in the shadow of Mount Etna, ascending the 142 tiled stairs in Caltagirone, marveling at architectural wonders in four World Heritage sites, and discovering the pleasures of Sicilian wines.

The Dordogne Biking trip will send the whole gang back in time, with visits to medieval castles, caves decked out in prehistoric paintings, and storybook villages, including one where kids can still practice turn-of-the-century trades. An exhilarating ropes course, rollicking canoe trip and amenity-rich accommodations will remind kids why it's cool to live in this era too.

The Ecuador & Galápagos Multisport trip offers once-in-a-lifetime opportunities: spectacular hikes in the Andes amid volcano vistas and pre-Inca ruins; chances to spot giant tortoises, white-tipped reef sharks and blue-footed boobies on the Galápagos Islands; and an overnight trip to rarely visited Floreana Island to meet one of the first families to settle there.

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