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Berkeley, CA (August 2010) From the snowy peaks of the Andes to the glacier-carved expanse of Patagonia, Argentina is like no place else on earth. It's a world of breathtaking landscapes, bursting with the passion of the tango and infused with a proudly mixed heritage. Backroads is pleased to offer travelers three ways to explore this diverse and fascinating country.

With years of experience in this part of the world, Backroads has fostered a solid network of local friends and professionals who are especially welcoming to visitors. Backroads guests can look forward to sharing memorable moments with local families and gauchos, and discovering the true essence of the region.

1. Argentina's Lake District Biking

A Trio of National Parks & Epicurean Delights in Patagonia

In northern Patagonia lies Argentina's Lake District—a world of pristine glacial lakes, parks and waterfalls tucked into the snowcapped Andes. Backroads guests can discover these wild lands by mountain bike—riding paved roads, dirt paths and single-track trails—with ample opportunities for other pursuits. They'll pedal through national parks, visit charming old-world villages, discover one transcendent view after another and savor acclaimed regional wines. They'll sail to the shores of the Quetrihué Peninsula and stand among the arrayánes trees, take an epic spin through the Seven Lakes region, and be blown away by the endless beauty of riding through three of Argentina's spectacular national parks.

With two nights at the Llao Llao Hotel and Resort, a luxurious hilltop retreat in Nahuel Huapi National Park, there's no end to the fun and relaxation—golf or tennis, canoeing, lounging by the pool or indulging in a spa treatment. And there's plenty of time to tango under the stars, because no trip to Argentina would be complete without an introduction to the national dance.

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2. Northern Argentina Biking

Vineyards & Andean Culture Off the Beaten Path

For anyone who's seeking variety on their first South American trip, or for travelers who've visited the continent before and want to journey even deeper, it's a great time to join Backroads in this region, while it's still largely undiscovered by outsiders. This adventure offers road and mountain biking in spectacularly varied terrain; chances to explore the colonial and pre-Columbian cultures of the Andes; relaxing stays in superb haciendas and hotels; private tastings at well-known wine estates; and elegant dinners featuring the best of regional cuisine.

The region's evocative landscape includes dramatic wind-carved rock formations, mountain passes tinted in vibrant rainbow colors, lush tropical forests and green vineyards. Along the way, cyclists pass through adobe villages, visit with local weavers, and discover the wine regions of Salta and Cafayate. At haciendas and on remote farms, Gaucho hosts are happy to share their passion for horses, music, wine, folklore and regional dances such as the zamba, the cueca and the chacarrera.

3. Patagonia Walking & Hiking

Among Glaciers & Mountain Peaks in Argentina

Marked by frozen mountains, gaping fjords, enormous glaciers and desolate rolling pampas, Patagonia is one of the world's most spellbinding landscapes. Backroads guests explore the extreme wilderness at "the edge of the world," while enjoying the comforts and top amenities of one of South America's most epic destinations. Here, Andean condors soar on air currents, guanacos graze in the alpine meadows and flightless ñandúes roam the wind-whipped prairies. With the jagged granite spires of legendary Mount Fitz Roy and the 200-foot-high, three-mile-wide river of ice known as the Perito Moreno Glacier, it's easy to understand why explorers, adventurers and the occasional outlaw have been drawn here for centuries. Complementing the untrammeled beauty of the landscape, each night's hotel welcomes us with a dose of exquisite creature comforts.

The terrain and even the climate can make for challenging hiking—but the vast unspoiled beauty that's revealed with every step is the ultimate reward. This journey is more than memorable; it may even change the way one sees the world.

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