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Backroads Seasonal Trip Leaders: What Are We Looking For?

Backroads Leaders are quick-thinking, team players, intuitive, funny, dynamic, active, decisive, professional, poised, motivated, friendly, empathetic, authentic, hardworking, assured, inexhaustible, creative, flexible, and inspirational...phew! We know we're all unique, and we don't all possesses each of these characteristics, but these are the qualities that define some of our most successful Backroads Trip Leaders. Do your skills, experiences and aptitudes enable you to answer "yes" to most of the questions below?

  • Do you possess superb people skills? Are you able to read social cues and adapt your presentation style? Can you easily connect with different personalities? Can you appreciate people for who they are?
  • Are you good at anticipating, troubleshooting and solving challenging problems? Do you have a natural grasp of logistics? Can you think on your feet? Can you stay focused on details without losing sight of the big picture?
  • Are you confident in yourself, mature and genuine? Have you had a variety of interesting life experiences that Backroads Guests would be curious to discover?
  • Do you laugh easily and have an unwavering sense of humor?
  • Are you a grateful person with a zest for life?
  • Can you be dynamic, enthusiastic and genuine in a way that motivates others and makes them smile?
  • Are you patient, caring, considerate, warm and friendly?
  • Do you love kids and would you welcome an opportunity to connect with families in the outdoors?
  • Are you energized by making others happy and delivering exceptional service?
  • Do you have in-depth knowledge of any of our regional destinations and cultural activities—art, natural and cultural history, food and wine, or other expertise?
  • Are you tough and do you have a sense of adventure?
  • Can you sustain energy and motivation through long days and myriad (sometimes unglamorous) tasks? Are you capable of lifting bikes and luggage? Are you capable of hiking or biking for long periods of time, and do those activities actually bring you joy?
  • Are you passionate about—and experienced in—active traveling and the outdoors? Do you possess a love for the beauty of the natural world?
  • Are you a flexible and dependable team player, someone who can communicate openly and clearly?
  • Do you enjoy working on bikes or are you eager to learn bike mechanics? Could you learn to talk the talk with the most seasoned of riders?
  • Could you be a poised, articulate, professional representative of Backroads?
  • Can you appreciate the elegance of dining in a 16th-century château as well as sitting around a campfire and sleeping beneath the stars?
  • Do you speak other languages fluently? (If you're interested in working outside North America, Italian, French, Spanish and German are extremely desirable, but language skills for any of our destinations are helpful.) If you are a non-native English speaker, do you speak English fluently?
  • Do you have a valid driver's license and an excellent driving record?
  • If you're interested in leading in Europe, can you confidently drive a manual transmission van, pulling a trailer, with guests in the vehicle with you?
  • Are you 21 years old or older?
  • Are you open to taking on all of the roles a Backroads Trip Leader does during a season? View more information about the work Trip Leaders do in addition to trip leading.
  • Are you ready for one of the most challenging jobs you'll likely ever have? Are you ready to love what you do?

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