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Backroads Trip Leaders: FAQs & Answers

Q. How much will I work?
A. The job & lifestyle page has the most accurate estimate of days worked for new Trip Leaders. Your own availability and start date will likely impact the amount of work you receive. If you seek the most work available, we counsel applicants to attend the earliest possible hiring and training events, minimize your time-off requests during the summer, and stay available to lead through our fall peak (the end of September).

Q. I'm in school or have other commitments until the middle of June, OR I have to return to school or other commitments at the end of August, am I still eligible for hire?
A. June restrictions are not a problem as long as you can attend a Hiring Event and a Training Block. September restrictions are more challenging. We need all of our leaders to be available during this busy time of our season. Please let us know right away if this is an issue for you.

Q. I applied before. What do I need to do to be considered for the 2014 season?
A. If you applied previously (i.e. prior to November 2013) please fill out an application again to activate your status in our database.

Q. How much time will there be between my training and my field entry?
A. It depends on which Training Block you attend. In 2014 we will be running an early Training in February. Some Leaders, particularly Leaders with good Italian or French, will begin working within a few weeks of finishing this Training Block. Those who come to this early Training Block but don't speak European languages or won't be working in Europe, may have 3 months off before work begins in earnest in the US. Generally speaking, New Leaders enter the field between 1 � 21 days after having graduated from Training. Training Blocks in April and May tend to have longer gaps prior to field entry than Training Blocks in June and July. However, leaders who graduate from the earlier Training Blocks also tend to work more over the course of the season.

Q. Where will I work?
A. Please review the job & lifestyle page for more information. Leaders receive their trip leading assignments near the end of the training process. Several factors determine where you might work, including an individual's experience, language skills (if applicable), availability and, above all, our company need.

Q. What if I only really want to work in one location?
A. If you have expertise in a particular region where Backroads runs trips, this works well for both Backroads and you. As a matter of fact Backroads is motivated to find qualified local Leaders, men and women who can offer our guests an insider's perspective, in ALL of the regions where we are running trips. Please tell us during the phone interview if you have a strong desire to lead only in one area.

Q. Do you have part-time and full-time Trip Leader positions?
A. Yes. We have several leaders who lead only a few trips (or even one trip) a year, and others who lead year-round. Backroads is an exceptional employer in the industry in that we have more year-round work to offer than our competitors. However, the reality is more travelers book vacations with us in the summer than the winter, so there is less work from November-March than during the peak months of July-September. If you seek part-time work, we require you to be available during our domestic peak season: August-September. If you seek year-round work, you'll be happy to know we reward this work based on performance on trips, regional expertise and language skills (not just seniority, although that is a factor as well.) Most new Trip Leaders do not receive winter trip leading work based on these factors, although in 2010-2013, 10% did work over the winter period. (Note: a vast majority of our winter work schedules include the latter part of December as this is the most popular time for travel. Often a leader must choose between trip leading or celebrating holidays at home.)

Q. Which hiring event may I attend?
A. Attendance at a hiring event is by invitation-only. Attending a hiring event is required in order to be considered for the position. When we conduct our phone interview we will ask you to indicate your availability and preferences for our hiring events, should you be selected to attend. Note: If you are invited to a hiring event, we will assign that date for you, depending on many factors, including your preferences and our needs. If invited, you will receive a comprehensive packet of information to help plan the next steps.

Q. Do Trip Leaders get flown home in between trips?
A. No, once leaders leave their hub at the start of the season, if they choose to travel home in between trips, the cost is theirs. Backroads pays for leaders to travel between regions for work and provides subsidies for time off in regions as well.

Q. Does an applicant need to be a capable bike mechanic?
A. While most of our applicants do not feel confident in the full-range of bike mechanic skills when they first apply, Backroads leaders must be confident in their ability to fix typical bike issues in the field such as fine-tuning shifting, changing pedals, swapping saddles and fixing flat tires. It is to your benefit to start learning and practicing these skills early, keeping in mind we test applicant's skills at hiring events. Here are some of the skills new leaders are expected to have mastered before they start leading trips: Replace a rear derailleur cable and properly adjust shifting in under fifteen minutes. Replace a flat tube while checking the tire and rim tape for problems in under five minutes. Remove and replace both pedals in under two minutes. Remove and replace a saddle in under two minutes.

Q. How do I get a copy of my driving record? Do I really need one? Can I bring it to the hiring event?
A. We understand it can be time consuming to attain a driving record, although more states are providing reports online. If you are European, your insurance company should be able to provide you with a copy of your driving record. Rest assured, we will not hold up your application if that is the only piece missing. However this information is required and essential for insurance purposes. Your report must show any accidents or infractions on your record. If you are sure your driving record is clean, you may hand deliver it to the hiring event, although if you have infractions, you may be disqualified on the spot from becoming a Trip Leader.

Q. May I request an informational interview?
A. Unfortunately, we are unable to grant requests for informational interviews due to the high number of applications we receive. If you're interested in learning more about the job, please review the comprehensive information posted on this website. As we require Trip Leaders to be self-reliant and capable of finding answers for themselves we feel this process accurately represents the working reality for Backroads Trip Leaders. Of course, you may have questions unique to your situation, and we welcome an exchange and will strive to answer any questions you may have during the phone interview.

Q. Beyond leading trips, what other types of work does a Trip Leader do?
A. . Trip leaders take on a variety of roles during the season. While leading week-long trips is a primary duty, leaders also fulfill additional complementary tasks as a part of their scheduled duties. Some of these activities are integral to trip leading, others help round out a leaders' season to offer more employment (because a Trip Leader cannot lead a trip every week!) Supplementary work allows for a break in pace, but still provides earning potential. Responsibilities may include:

  • Driving the van and trailer from the leader hub location to the trip start destination.
  • Familiarizing yourself and doing light research in a region where you'll be leading a trip.
  • Working a "prep day", one day prior to the trip start, to prepare for the trip.
  • Working as a Camp Assistant where you are responsible for camp set-up and clean up, luggage handling, assisting the Camp Chef, and being a flexible support team member.
  • Working as a Camp Chef where you are in charge of cooking and cleaning up all meals for guests.
  • Working as a Van Support Driver where you are an additional driver assigned to a trip to support guests on route as needed.
  • Note: Even when you are not specifically assigned to these roles, leaders all participate with set-up, cooking and driving duties. All roles are paid at the same rate as a trip leader.

Q. Where will I be sleeping during trips and between trips?
A. While Leaders are leading trips their accommodations generally match those of our guests. When leading Inn Trips Leaders share a "Leader Room" that is typically in the same hotel as our guest's rooms. The "Leader Room" will never be more desirable than our guest's rooms, but in almost all cases it will be onsite. Note that while Leaders have shared accommodations, each leader will have his or her own bed or sleeping space (sometimes a roll-away, and rarely a sleeping bag and pad on the floor). When leading Camping Trips, Leaders tend to sleep under the stars, but a tent is always available if desired or if the weather looks threatening. Between trips Backroads provides accommodations either in inexpensive hotels in the gateway city, or in Leader Houses around the world which are described on the job & lifestyle page.


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