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Trip Development Assistant Manager*

Berkeley, CA

We are very excited to announce a new position at Backroads. With our phenomenal growth and plans to develop more trips and concepts, as well as add new initiatives, we have created a new Trip Development position that develops and improves systems and processes to manage our incredible growth and complexity. This person will have a unique set of strong project management, communication and systems management skills and will assist the Global Trip Development Manager and the Regional Managers, allowing them to focus on Quality and run the best possible trips. If you are someone that likes to delve deeper to get at the heart of a project or process, can navigate many competing interests, and clearly analyze multiple variables, please read on for more details!

Purpose of Job:
Successfully manage a wide array of projects, including various IT enhancements, and develop clearly defined processes to achieve the highest possible Trip Quality, Sales and Profitability results. The Trip Development Assistant Manager communicates effectively across departments including Sales, Marketing, and Logistics & Transportation and is responsible for meeting critical company deliverables as they relate to Trip Development including: new project/initiative translation into all relevant guest or internal communications, development and documentation of procedures for new systems, projects and initiatives. A high degree of organization, attention to detail, self-motivation, coordination and leadership is required to carry out the responsibilities of this position along with a focus on timely execution of defined processes.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Report Coordination. Monitor all Trip Development reports and develop a clear schedule of which reports are necessary, and when each report should be generated as well as to whom. Coordinate with IT for any enhancements needed to reports. Communicate changes and/or document how to use new reports to all partners. Assist Global Trip Development Manager in ensuring deadlines and other deliverables are being met.

2. Procedures and Processes Documentation. Assist Global Trip Development Manager in documenting Trip Development procedures and processes, communicating to necessary partners and setting up systems to monitor follow through where necessary.

3. Trip Essentials Database (TED) Systems Management. Coordinate TED enhancement project assisting IT by further detailing specifications (list of improvements), testing, and creating user manual. Assist with Trip Expert training each spring.

4. Assist in managing the gathering, editing, and communication for our Straight Talk Project. Work with Global Trip Development Manager to determine the best place to house this data and then subsequent locations to communicate to internal partners and guests to insure the highest possible quality outcome.

5. IT/TD systems liaison. Manage any IT projects approved for enhancement on the IT Steering Committee List. Facilitate the gathering of feedback and improvement of systems for all Trip Development applications. Create reports and document procedures to allow easy management oversight.

• Proven project management skills
• Strong interpersonal skills and management capabilities
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Strong negotiating skills
• Budgeting and cost management skills
• Superb time management skills
• Trip Expert or Regional Expert experience preferred
• Systems and database skills
• Facility with Microsoft Excel and Word
• Language skills a plus but not necessary
• Ability to lift 30 lbs.

*Title: Assistant Manager or Coordinator, dependent on experience

Please send your cover letter and resume by January 25th to: Please put “Trip Development Assistant Manager – your name” in the subject line of your email.


Fax: (510)292-2793

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